10 Things About Elisa

Our little girl just turned one few days ago. She’s no longer a baby but a toddler now! Here are some facts about our little big girl…

One – Elisa shares the same birthday as Prince George. She was born three hours(?) earlier than him. So that makes Elisa the big sister ;)

Two – She is quite a fast developer. She hit her milestones much earlier than most babies her age. She started to walk at 10 months and 9 days. Sometimes she still falls over when walking. But it only happens when she’s extremely tired. So, that’s the cue to put her to bed.

Three - She has 8 tiny teeth. I’m guessing two more are going to pop out soon. She’s been drooling A LOT these days.

Four -  She loves water. She gets very excited when she sees the pool. Hence, we try to bring her for a dip every weekend at the sports club. Few weeks back, after a long hiatus, we were back at the club. You should see her excitement when we were approaching the pool!


Five – She loves food. Give her any food and she’ll happily gnaw at them. We have not transitioned her to adult food yet but sometimes we do give her some of our food. As of now, she eats cereal for breakfast, porridge for lunch and dinner. In between, she’ll get little treats like biscuits and fruits. I’m trying to introduce her to new food, but she seems to be contented with porridge at the moment.


Six – She understands. She understands when we tell her “cannot”, “no” or “no more” and she will do the hand actions. But most of time, she will just try her luck and go against us! She gets it when we ask her where is a particular item. She will point to that item or pick it up and bring it to us. She also understands when we scold for doing something naughty. But she always managed to get away…with a smile!

Seven – She’s really affectionate. When you ask for a kiss, she will come over and give you not one but a few kisses. Or sometimes she will just kiss you out of the blue. Or when I open my arms and ask her to “hug mummy” she will give me a hug :D


Eight – She is very cheeky. Yesterday, I was packing her clothes. I’ve folded them nicely and she came to mess them up. I stopped her from doing it and she walked away. Just as I resumed packing, she reached for the piles of clothes. This went on for a few times. I finally gave up and stopped packing. Then she gave me a grin! Say whuuuutt?

Nine – She’s very demanding. When she set her eyes on something, she GOT TO have it. If she doesn’t get it, she will break into big fat tears. Drama much! We try not to give in to her so much but sometimes we just have to be bad parents. I’m hoping this is just a phase.

Ten – When she hears her favourite tunes, she claps to the music. Her favourite is “Bingo” and “Happy Birthday”. When we FaceTime with my parents, my dad will play “Bingo” on his phone and she’ll start clapping.

You our pride and our joy. We love you very much, little one!

You Are ONE!

Dear Elisa,

What a year it has been! This year seems to zip us by…you know when they say time flies when you are having fun? That’s right! Your arrival has brought us immense happiness and joy. Of course it’s not all rainbow and sunshine. There were dark clouds and thunderstorm too. But I will not dwell on that because you, YOU make everything okay :)

Elisa, a lot if things happened the past one year. Regardless, I love you with every heartbeat and I would never want to trade you for anything else in this world. As long as you grow up happily, that’s all that matters. However, mummy is very afraid that I might not be able to provide you with the best or to provide you the best environment to grow up in. Of course I will try my very best. But please, please forgive me if I ever let you down.

So much have changed since we first laid our eyes on you. You were just a wrinkly tiny baby when we brought you home one year ago. And look at you now! Walking all over the place, opening all the drawers and emptying it, demanding for things that you can’t get, giving us wet kisses when we least expected it (you make our hearts flutter when you do that!)

Everyday when I look at you, I will think to myself; what kind of person you will grow up to be, what kind of man you will fall in love with. I do not have any grand plans for you. My only wish is that you will grow up to be respectful, kind and loving. Remember this – be kind, always!

I know there will be a day you will fly the coop. Yes, we will miss you dearly. But do not worry, just pack your bags and chase the sunset. Be adventurous, go forth and explore the world! Just keep in mind that we will always have your back. We will be there to catch you when you fall and help you to be back at your feet again.

Keep growing and keep loving, my little one!





No More ‘No’s

“No, Elisa”
“Elisa, no no”
These words come out automatically whenever Elisa reaches for something. She is exploring new things now, touching and grabbing everything and anything. So yeah, I do sound like a broken record!

The other day after saying countless times of ‘no’, I thought to myself, maybe the word ‘no’ is overused in this home. How can she learn when I am so restrictive? I do not want to be the mummy who says ‘no’ all the time. So, I told myself, no more ‘no’s. As long as it’s not something dangerous, dirty and if she’s not going to hurt herself, then by all means, go ahead and touch or fiddle for all you want.


First Steps

At Jacob Ballas.

While holding her hand, she started to walk!! One step after another! I quickly asked the hubs to take a video of her.

I mean how can we let this moment slip away, right? This is a HUGE milestone!

I was one proud momma that day. My heart was beaming with pride as I watched her toddling around holding her papa’s hand :)


Checkin’ Out Tulipmania

Having been to Amsterdam countless times, I’ve never got a chance to be there during tulips season. The same goes for sakura season. That’s my luck! So when I found out that Tulipmania is back at Gardens By The Bay, I want to be there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe last Friday before Tulipmania ends, we (Elisa, MIL and myself) made a trip down. I expected it to be crowded since the exhibition is coming to an end but surprisingly not.  We took our time strolling through the garden and enjoy the lovely bloom.


IMG_0702 IMG_0715 IMG_0736Amongst the three of us, my MIL enjoyed the most. She was busy snapping photos of all the flowers in the Flower Dome. I guess we made a right choice to go to Gardens By The Bay.




A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re Ten Months Old

Dear Elisa,

Time is flying by so very fast. Two more months before your big one. We still have no idea what we are going to do for your one year old birthday. We, papa and myself have different ideas on what we want for your birthday, so we shall see!

At 10 months, your personality is showing more and more. You are a joyful cheeky monkey. You start to understand things now. You know what you can do and what you can’t although you try to push the boundaries sometimes. When you have done something wrong, you will slowly move away from the scene and pretend as though nothing has happened.

You started calling papapapa at 8.5 months. I was very convinced that you don’t mean daddy when you said “papa” but papa obviously thinks otherwise. He proudly tells everyone that you are calling him. Then one day, you crawled towards him, looked at him and in your sweet little voice called out papa! I tell you, that was the best moment in papa’s life. He was beyond excited. You turned him into a puddle of goo!

No problem on your feeding front. You ate well. You eat everything. You have started to grab food from us or from the table. Whenever we are eating, you will crawl towards us and hoping that we will share some of our food with you. You never get any luck from me but your papa? He gives you everything! You still LOVE to nurse. You get all excited when you see boobies. You will stop whatever you are doing, crawl towards me and bury your face into me. It’s very funny. No one will understand, this is our bonding time. Mummy loves that moment :)

Compared to babies your age, you are one step ahead. You are ‘cruising’ now and you are learning to walk by pushing the chairs around the house. You are very steady and very fast too! You have mastered the skill of climbing up and down the sofa. You needed help (standing on a pillow or my thighs) initially but now, you can do it on your own :)

Just before you turned 9 months, mummy and papa went on a holiday in Hong Kong. I left you under the care of gong gong and por por. That was my first time separated from you for so many days. I was worried you won’t be comfortable with your grandparents but how wrong was I? You did so well. You don’t even realise mummy was not around! When I came back from HK, you made sure that I paid the price for leaving you alone. You did not allow me to carry you, you clung on to por por :( But only for a short while. Phew!

Last week, you were down with fever for three days, the first in your life. You lost your appetite and you became so weak. There were a few times you can’t even stand steadily. Your clothes has loosen, your cheeks have deflated and your thighs have lost one inch or two. Bye bye thunder thighs! My heart aches too see you suffer and I wished I could take over your place. It was a tough three days, luckily we were in Penang and we got tons of help from gong gong, por por, 2 kem por, aunty ping and aunty nee. You got better on the fourth day and all of us couldn’t be happier!

After you got well, we went on a mini holiday. We took a road trip to Ipoh to attend Aunty Sarah’s wedding and after that we headed up to Cameron Highlands! You were in the best of mood up on the hills. Although it was a short stay, we had a lot of fun. I am looking forward to more holidays with you :)

I was telling papa the other day that you have grown so much. You are ten months old now, turning into a toddler soon, but in my eyes, you are a baby. Even when you are 20, 30 or 40 years old, you are still my baby. Forever mummy’s baby!

Oh, to date, you have fallen off the bed three times (only)! :P


Happy ten months old!




{E cooks} Char Siew

When we came back from Hong Kong, the hubs said he miss the char siew in Hong Kong. The char siew that he is referring to is not from any restaurant but rather from a stall in the wet market. We walked pass this stall everyday en route to the MTR station. I guess the strips and strips of char siew hanging in the stall must have gotten the hubs attention as he went to buy us HKD 50 worth of char siew and siew yoke as a pre dinner snacks. The char siew and siew yoke were actually quite good. The hubs loves the char siew especially.

20140513-230723.jpgThe hubs has been going on and on about the char siew he had in Hong Kong ever since we got back and I remembered reading somewhere about using the happycall pan to make char siew. I wasted no time and he got himself a platter of char siew for dinner :)

If you have all the time in the world, you can pop them in the oven. If you crave for it badly and you can’t wait, or you have an active baby like me, happycall version is just as good :)

Char Siew

2 pieces of pork collar (approximately 300g each)
4 tbsp light soya sauce
2 tbsp dark soya sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp shaoxing wine
2 tbsp honey
3 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp sesame oil

1. Marinate the pork collar for at least 2 hours or overnight.
2. Remove from the fridge half and hour before cooking.
3. Heat up the happycall pan.
4. Once the pan is hot, place the marinated pork in the pan and lock the lid. Cook for 5 minutes.
5. Turn the meat, lock and cook for another 5 minutes.
6. Open the lid and baste the pork with the marinade.
7. Cook until the sauce becomes sticky and the pork is cook through.
8. Dish the pork out and let it rest before slicing.
9. Meanwhile, cook the leftover sauce from the marinade until thickens.
10. Slice the pork and serve with rice, noodle, pau or eat it just like that.