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elisa’s fourth birthday

it is that one time of the year I look forward to every year because I get to plan a party for her!


this year, we threw her a pool party. We invited our close friends over, ordered some food from Qiji and had a great afternoon by the pool.

bday5sambal sotong and beef rendang

 I would have prepared a feast if I had the time but having a newborn at home, it is wiser to just order. BUT, me being me, I did prepare two dishes to go with the nasi lemak we ordered from Qiji.

Old habits die hard 😛

For her birthday, Elisa requested for two things…

one – a pinata. This is easy.

bday4everyone had a go in destroying the pinata. After the unbreakable one I did last year, this one is more kids friendly 🙂

two – a pandan gula melaka cake (ala Cedele). Not easy. bday3chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting & pandan gula melaka

Why two cakes you may ask? Because i messed up the cake I had initially planned to make for her! 😦

So I threw the wrinkly cake plan out the window and got her the pandan cake from Cedele instead. Well, she didn’t mind one bit, she was actually very pleased! Upon realising how small the pandan cake was (bad judgement on my part), I knew I had to either buy another cake or bake her one OR risk having C nagging the crap out of me! Guess which option I chose? Bake of course! Old habits die hard, remember?

Hence, two different cakes 🙂

bday2with the pals she grew up with 

Thank you once again for celebrating Elisa’s fourth birthday!

Til’ her 5th birthday!!




a love letter to elisa: you’re FOUR years old

Dear Elisa,

Writing to you is always the hardest; I’ll always end up an emotional mess. Looking back at the past years; the happy, the sad, the hair pulling, the heart-warming moments makes my heart ache and stomach twist. Our lives have been taken over by the mundane daily tasks that we might have neglected you. I was watching you play the other day and it struck me how little time we spent together ever since I started work. I wished I had spent more time with you and cuddle you a little bit more. You have grown so so much.

The past one year has been a year of change. You were promoted to a big sister and what can I say? You are an AMAZING sister! You dote on your didi so much; he is the first person you asked for when you wake up. It used to be me but not anymore! You always asked to carry or hug didi but sometimes you can get a tad enthusiastic, you end up squeezing him.


I’m not going to lie but you were quite a handful when baby arrived, you were very needy and extremely whiny. This is totally expected as your status as the only child has been revoked. We did what we could to make you feel not left out; papa brought you to Universal Studios, I did school run whenever possible and we tried to spend as much time with you as possible. It took us all a while to get used to this new addition to the family but you surprised us by how fast you adapted. I’ve heard stories about some kids taking almost one year to finally accept their younger brother/sister.


Right now princesses are your life. Every day without fail, you will drape yourself with baby’s swaddle and pretend to be a princess. Well, Queen Elsa to be exact. For your birthday, Ah Fu got you a Frozen dress amongst many other presents. You were over the moon! You asked to put it on immediately and there you were, twirling from one end to the other with the widest smile on your face.

Also, Uncle Peter bought you a collection of Disney princesses’ story books. Those books are the most well-read books. Every single night, you will pull one book from the shelf and ask us to read to you much to our chagrin…“Princess again?”. Just the other day, I was reading Beauty and The Beast to you and you amazed me by finishing off each sentences with the exact words as in the book. I read to you so many times you actually memorised it!


You have a competitive streak in you. You want to be first in whatever you do. And if you don’t get to be first, you will throw a tantrum and be sad about it. Elisa, mummy wants you to know that it is okay to lose once in a while. In life, there will be winners and there will be losers. It’s good to be competitive but if you do not succeed in whatever you are doing, do not be disheartened. Keep your head up and just keep on trying!

My dear, you have a wonderful sense of humour. Just like your papa, you always make funny jokes and make me laugh. Nowadays, you are talking like an adult with hand gestures and all. Even your teachers commented how mature you are when you speak. Sometimes, you surprised us by your witty comebacks that left mummy and papa totally speechless! Haha.

You are such a blessing and a joy, my silly girl!


I wonder what will four brings us? I hope it will be nothing short of magical.

We love you more than anything!



letter to our firstborn

Dear Elisa,

Our first born. You taught us how to be parents. In a short time, it could be tomorrow or next week, you will no longer be our only child. You have been our center of attention for almost four years and soon you will have to share the limelight with another human being.

I know. It sucks, right? 

I know you felt insecure you will no longer be our only child. Although you did not express it verbally, you showed it through your emotions. You became very sticky to me and according to Teacher Liz, you will cry for me out of a sudden for no apparent reason. According to her, this is a sign of insecurity!

I totally understand how you feel. But mummy wants you to know that no matter what happened, no matter who comes along, you will always be mummy’s no 1, my love for you will never change. We have a special bond, it was you who taught me to be a mother, it was you who taught me about selflessness and no one can replace the bond.

Elisa, when the baby arrives, you might feel that your needs have been neglected. You might feel that mummy spend more time with baby than you. But this does not mean that your needs are any less important or i love you any lesser. This is because mummy knows that you are an independent girl who is capable of taking care of yourself and I won’t be surprise if you start taking care of mummy and baby!

What lies ahead is scary and unknown to us. But we truly believe that a sibling is the best gift we could ever give you. A life buddy. Someone to lean on, someone to laugh with and someone to share the punishments with. He will be your partner in crime to make your parents’ life batshit crazy!

You have been a sweetheart towards mummy and baby for the past 9 months. You will talk to the baby (via my belly button :D) and constantly check of my well-being. One night, I was trying to bend over to pick up your pyjamas and you stopped me from doing so. “Mummy, I’ll do it. You have a big tummy, you can’t bend over right?”. This is one of the many occasions that makes me question myself what have I done to deserve you?

I am very certain you have what it takes to be an incredible big sister as evident from the way you take care of Bradley in school. I know you will take on this big sister role like a champ and you will dote on your baby brother and make us all proud like how you always do!

Elisa, you might accept baby in an instance or you might take a while. I wont rush you into it, I’ll give you space and time to slowly adapt to the change in environment.

 As I’m writing this I’m already in week 38, meaning that baby will be here anytime. I apologise beforehand if my actions or words will make you feel neglected or if I spend too much time on baby. But bear in mind that is never my intentions. Sometimes when you are too engrossed in a task i.e. keeping your sibling alive, you tend to forget about the people around you.

We don’t have much time together before we welcome a new human being into our lives. In the meantime, I’m going to soak in every bit of you and ask for as many cuddles and kisses as possible.

love you always,





The moments are fleeting!

Before we become a family of four, I want to stop and reflect on the past three and a half years when we were just a family of three. It seems like I’ve been a mom forever. I don’t remember what life was before Elisa. She has taught me so much about motherhood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecently, I was doing up Elisa’s photo book and gosh, the pregnant me had a hard time controlling my emotions! We have created so many memories together and I’ve cherished every single one of it even when the moments were hard. From the day she was born, to our first family holiday, to the day she started school and all those wonderful memories are safely tucked away in my heart.


In a short span of three and a half years, we have watched Elisa blossom into the girl she is today. I have so much to say about this girl, she makes us so very proud of her. On the family front, it wasn’t butterflies and roses at first. Parenthood is tough that you think but we’ve learned to swallow our pride and we have grown so much stronger since.


It won’t be long until baby no 2 arrives. I’m going to spend the next few weeks savouring every moment we spend with Elisa and ask for as many cuddles and kisses as possible.

No matter what happened, she will always be our number 1 baby. Soon a new chapter of our lives will begin and I can’t wait to capture the memories we will be sharing as a family of four.



first year of preschool

Pre-nursery done and dusted (I know I am very late, she’s starting nursery term 2 next week!). I am happy to report that she enjoyed nearly every minute of it. We have seen her grow so much in terms of communication and socialisation.

She is constantly chattering away, sometimes a bit too much for our ears. Her chatters have morphed from babbling to real conversations. She reports to us what happened in school everyday…both important and not so important, like who did not attend school or who cried in school! Haha.

After attending school for one year, I am pleased to say that she is much more sociable now. Whenever she walks past our neighbour’s house, she will wave and call out “Aunty Mary!!”. She will greet the gardener/cleaner when she sees them. She has a few friends in school that she truly adores and she talks about them every day! Her two besties are Aaron and Bradley 🙂

For her year-end evaluation, she got “competent” for almost all the categories except Chinese! That’s what you get for having bananas as parents. Haha. It’s good to know she is doing well in school, both academically and socially but at the moment, we are not too concern about her academic wise. Even if she doesn’t perform well, we will not be too disheartened. She is all but a three year old!!

Seeing her grow this much and enjoying school is a huge relief to us. She was just 2 1/2 years old when she started school. It was definitely tough initially with all the cryings and adapting to a new environment. But look at her now! She is happy and she looks forward to school every day. This is one of the best decision we have ever made!!

Pre-nursery done and dusted! 

elisa’s third birthday

Recently, we celebrated Elisa’s third birthday at home with some of our close friends. Until the day she demands what she wants for her birthday, mummy here gets a say.

So, taco party it was!!

We booked a gazebo next to the playground so the kids get to play whilst the adults eat and drink. We had a few days of rain leading up to the day and the dark stormy clouds in the afternoon threw a bit of a wrench in how I wanted to set up the place. Nevertheless, we were extremely lucky the rain held up!

To amp up the fun factor, C prepared a few games for the kids. And they were a hit with the kids except for Elisa who preferred the playground.

As usual, I took charge of feeding our guests. The good thing about Mexican food is that you can prepare most dishes ahead of time. I’m glad I had the help of our helper, else I have to call for pizza delivery!!

In line with the fiesta theme, I got the kids these cute pineapple water container and some maracas which almost did not arrive in time!

 For her birthday cake, I baked a chocolate speculoos cake with cream cheese frosting. I’m lousy at stacked cakes, this is the best I can come up with. Hopefully one day, I will be able to make a Pinterest worthy cake 😀

And what’s a party without a pinata??

Pinata smashing time!! 🙂

We filled it up with lots of sweets and chocolates…I am sure if there are any militant anti-sugar mums among us, it will make them cringe!! Haha.

Thank you all for taking the time to celebrate Elisa’s birthday with us! We hope you guys had a great time!!

Til’ her 4th birthday!!


a love letter to elisa: you’re THREE years old

Dear Elisa,

It’s common to hear parents say “enjoy every moment, it passes so quickly”. You know what? It is so true! You never realise how fast time passes until you experience it. I was cradling you the other day (mummy, carry me like a baby), I know it sounds cliché, but it really felt like it was just yesterday that I first held you in my arms. The difference is, you were 3.96 kg then. And now you are a whooping 16 kg!!!

Whenever I look at you, my heart both soars and aches at the same time to realise you are no longer the tiny baby that we brought home exactly three years ago but a smart and happy little big girl who sings Taylor Swift’s songs at the top of her lungs! You have grown leaps and bounds since you turned two. “Did she just say that?”, “Did you see that?”…these are the things papa and I say over and over again.

You surprised us with how fast you can relate things together. Every night after dinner, we will hang out in the study room. Papa will play guitar and you will get a few minutes of screen time on the iPad. One night, you kept hurrying papa to go into the room and we were wondering why. Then we realised, guitar = iPad!! Oh, you smart little thing!!!

You are very good at manipulating us or either that, we are pushovers! I’m not sure where you learnt all these – hand clasped, puppy eyes, mummy please (?) from, but they are a sure win strategy to get me to say YES. You always WIN!

Your grandparents were not sparred too. There was once you went out with popo and ah gong, and you came home with a bicycle, just because you said you wanted one.

Or that time when you walked past TWG and you told popo “papa, never bring me here you know?”. The next moment, you were having afternoon tea at TWG! FYI, papa also never bring me there, you know?!!!

Or that time you went into a shop with mama and you came out with not one but THREE soft toys! Where are the toys now? In a box with all your other soft toys!!

Or how mama always give you (A LOT OF) chocolates because you like chocolates.

You know, you have all your grandparents wrapped around your little pinky and they couldn’t be happier! You are their cure to all pains, you are their source of joy! You are one lucky girl!

My dear, you aren’t a big sister yet, but I am confident when the time comes (with God’s grace), you will take on the role like a champ. You care for your baby/rabbit with so much love that I know you will be an amazing sister!!

Elisa, I know you will get more and more independent from now on. Please know that papa and I are always here to hold your hands every step of the way. We will hold on to them tight cause we are not ready to let go yet.

Keep learning, keep laughing and keep being awesome!