elisa’s fourth birthday

it is that one time of the year I look forward to every year because I get to plan a party for her!


this year, we threw her a pool party. We invited our close friends over, ordered some food from Qiji and had a great afternoon by the pool.

bday5sambal sotong and beef rendang

 I would have prepared a feast if I had the time but having a newborn at home, it is wiser to just order. BUT, me being me, I did prepare two dishes to go with the nasi lemak we ordered from Qiji.

Old habits die hard 😛

For her birthday, Elisa requested for two things…

one – a pinata. This is easy.

bday4everyone had a go in destroying the pinata. After the unbreakable one I did last year, this one is more kids friendly 🙂

two – a pandan gula melaka cake (ala Cedele). Not easy. bday3chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting & pandan gula melaka

Why two cakes you may ask? Because i messed up the cake I had initially planned to make for her! 😦

So I threw the wrinkly cake plan out the window and got her the pandan cake from Cedele instead. Well, she didn’t mind one bit, she was actually very pleased! Upon realising how small the pandan cake was (bad judgement on my part), I knew I had to either buy another cake or bake her one OR risk having C nagging the crap out of me! Guess which option I chose? Bake of course! Old habits die hard, remember?

Hence, two different cakes 🙂

bday2with the pals she grew up with 

Thank you once again for celebrating Elisa’s fourth birthday!

Til’ her 5th birthday!!




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