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growing human #2: week 36 + 5d

Friday, it’s finally here!!

I’ve been looking forward to today like forever! Today is my last day of work before my maternity leave commences! Nope, not going to pop yet but it could be anytime. We are on a home stretch!

I feel like my body is growing weaker and weaker with each passing day. My tailbone and back hurts if I sit too long, my legs hurts if I stand too long, I can’t speak without going all breathless, a good night’s sleep is all in the past, turning from side to side in bed is a chore, getting out of bed is another chore (rolling out of bed is so much easier) and the leg cramps! OMG, they are brutal!! Right now, I’m in a phase where everything is so damn uncomfortable.

I know this will not be forever. Just have to bear with it for a bit more and it will be over before I know it and I’ll probably miss this phase when it’s all over.

I visited my gynae last Wednesday and all is good. Baby’s head in down, heartbeat is strong and weighing at 3 kg – this explains the constant annoying pain in my upper abdomen under my left breast. My insides are probably all squashed up to make space for the growing baby!

As for my weight, I’ve put on a total of 19 kg thus far, 3 kg in the last four weeks! I’m not sure if it’s normal but it is quite scary to me! I’m even heavier than C! My face is rounder than normal and that double chin is horrendous. At the rate things are going, I think I’ll probably hit 80+ kg by the time I give birth.

Three more weeks till my due date and things are getting a lot more surreal here!

img_7006week 36 + 4d


growing human #2: updates

“Every pregnancy is different”…I must have heard this a million times.

How different is this pregnancy as compared to the first?

  • Like the first, I did not encounter any terrible morning sickness, just nauseousness. However, this time round, it is much more bearable.
  • The tummy showed incredibly early this time. It literally popped overnight. I don’t remember showing this early when I had Elisa. My tummy is definitely much bigger as compared to the 1st. I have some people asking if I am carrying twins! Nope, just one big baby.
  • I’ve gained 15 kg to date. I put on 15kg when I was 6 months pregnant with Elisa. So not too bad considering I went against my gynae’s advice on No McDonald’s and No ice cream. Sorry, Dr Khoo!
  • Done less exercise as compared to the 1st. I had the luxury of time to attend prenatal yoga and hit the gym on weekdays when I was pregnant with Elisa. Now that I am working and a not-so-little girl that demands my time, I have to forgo all these. I did not stop exercising completely; I still do some yoga, minor stretching and squats when I have the time. I walked more as compared to before though. So yeah, that’s my daily form of exercise.
  • I get tired easily. As you grow older, pregnancy is definitely tougher on your body. I have aches EVERYWHERE.
  • Food aversion – Before I got pregnant, sliced fish soup used to be my daily lunch staple. The moment I got pregnant,just the thought of it makes me want to puke. And I can’t take highly seasoned food. Bland food and clear soup for me please. No fried garlic, thanx.
  • No cravings. Lucky for the husband!
  • I had severe pelvic pain with Elisa. I remembered I had it when I reached the third trimester. With this second one, the pain started when I was in my second trimester!!
  • I get breathless easily. There was one night I found myself panting after switching sides. I am not even joking!
  • Leg cramps made quite a few occurrence as compared to the first.
  • I have oily scalp…like super oily. And it’s only at a particular spot! It is so obvious that you can tell straightaway where the patch of oily scalp is! Yikes!!
  • With Elisa, I felt the flutters at 16 weeks. As for this baby, it’s not until week 18 or 19 that I felt the movements. This baby is definitely more active as compared to Elisa! Kicking all day err day 😀

We are definitely more relax this time as compared to the first. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. One more month to go and we haven’t done anything yet. Not a single thing!

Time to hustle!!! 

                  Week 28 (photo credit: Ms Yoon)

a party of four

This is kinda old news but for those who doesn’t know, we are expecting baby #2 in April!! That is ONE AND HALF MORE MONTHS!!

C and I couldn’t be more stoked to grow our little family and give Elisa a sibling!

When did I find out? 22.8.2016 – One week before my period is due! I was supposed to go for a job interview and I have a hunch that I might be pregnant. As I did not want to waste my precious annual leave, I decided to check although it was a bit early. Bought the kit, checked and sure enough, it was positive! I teared when I saw the lines slowly appearing. Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?

The first person I told. The husband, of course!! Immediately after I came out from the toilet, I sent him a text message. That’s not how I intended to break the news to him but I couldn’t contain my excitement!!

His reaction. He asked me a slew of questions – What is c? What is t? When to see a dr? When to tell our parents? Why the lines so faint?…From his messages, I think he was pretty excited. But I know he was nervous and scared as well. I don’t blame him because I felt the same way too! We are talking about growing a human here! It’s a big deal!!

How did we break the news to our parents?
MIL – We broke the news to my MIL over FaceTime. We showed her the video of baby which I took on my first visit to the gynae. She cried, we cried! Haha.

My parents – Over brunch. When everyone was finally seated at the table, C told them the story of Elisa’s grey rabbit (more on that later) and half way through, my dad walked away to get food! I was like Arrghh! Can’t you take food later?! At the end of the story, everyone sat there for a second with a blank look (except my bro) before C told them Elisa is going to be a big sister! My mum cried, my aunt cried and I cried. Just as the story ended, my dad came back with a plate of FOOD!! Talk about timing here! Haha. He was puzzled as to why all the ladies were crying and my aunt had to fill him in. He gave out a small smile and continued with his food! He didn’t say anything but I could see the delight in his face.

Then we found out Elisa told my mum much earlier that I have a baby inside my tummy. But my mum didn’t take her seriously! Haha.

FIL – over email. That’s how the father and son roll! 😉
I will try to update as much as I can before I pop in one and half months time. We are truly blessed with this miracle. Thank you so much for all your well wishes!!


Elisa’s Birth Story Part II

2 pm – Dr Khoo came and did a VE on me. I was 2 cm dilated. The nurse then put me on oxytocin drip to hasten the contractions.

3 pm – The contractions increased in frequency. As I was on epidural, I couldn’t feel a thing.

4.30 pm – Another VE performed and this time I was 6 cm dilated. According to the hubs, he said there were a few strong contractions based on the chart. He kept checking with me if I feel anything. Nope, not a pinch!

5 pm – The fetal heart monitor gave out an alarm. At first I thought it was the IV drip alarm (most will sound an alarm if the bag runs dry) but the alarm sounds different and it sounded quite serious. The nurse rushed in (with a bit of drama) and checked on the monitor. She told us the baby’s heartbeat has dropped to 100s but there’s nothing to be worried about. It is due to the oxytocin. They just have to reduce the dosage and everything will be ok. The nurse was very reassuring. But despite her reassurance, I was still worried. Immediately baby’s heartbeat went back to normal.

7 pm – Dr Khoo came and did a VE. I was 9 cm dilated! He told me most probably by 11 pm the baby will be out. And they going to cut down the epidural so that I could feel the contractions and have the sensation to push.
In the meantime, I was chatting with the Em. They are making their way to the hospital to welcome the arrival of the baby!

7.05 pm – Immediately after they cut down the epidural, I could feel pain in my left butt. Damn pain.

7.20 pm – The friends (aka support team) arrived. The hubs went to meet them for dinner. I was left alone to battle with the contractions. Breathe in, breathe out.

8pm – The midwife came and checked on me. Still 9 cm but I was fully effaced. She said the baby is ready! I quickly messaged the hubs and asked him to make his way up. The midwife got everything ready quickly.

8.15 pm – Dr Khoo came and checked on me. We are on the right track. Baby’s head is crowning. He asked the hubs to take a look but he dare not. Haha. After much persuasion from me and the doc, he relented. “I can see baby’s hair!” said the ecstatic hubs. Dr Khoo left as he was performing another delivery at the next room.

8.25 pm – The midwife came and instructed me to start pushing. She taught me how to do it (Take a deep breath, hold it, start pushing when the contractions occurred and count to ten). She said just imagine you are going to take the biggest poo in your life! I was afraid I’ll actually poo midway. Haha. She propped my legs up, told me to hold on to the handrail and PUSH!

8.30 pm – Dr Khoo arrived and it’s showtime. He and a midwife stood beside me with my feet against their hip. The midwife instructed me to push when the contractions occurred…Ok, take a deep breathe and PUSHHHHHHHHH. My push can barely last until ten. The contractions were rapid, I barely had time to catch a breath before the next one hit.
Dr Khoo said my push was not sustainable and they called for another doctor.
She came and positioned herself beside me standing on a stool. She’s actually there to assist in my push.
Take a deep breathe and PUSHHHHHHH!!! Whilst I was pushing, the lady doctor was pushing my stomach (just imagine performing CPR on my tummy) DON’T SCREAM! PUSHHH! ONE TWO THREE…!! It was quite chaotic. At one point, I turned to the hubs and told him “It’s very noisy!!” According to the hubs, he said the whole situation was rough.
The hubs held my hand tight and whispered words of encouragement. You are doing great! Baby’s head is coming out!
An episiotomy was performed. I was in so much pain I couldn’t feel a thing. 

8.50 pm – As my push was not continuous, suction was applied. According to the hubs, my consent was asked but I couldn’t remember a single thing. The hubs gave the go ahead. One more push, the baby’s head was out. Another push, the baby’s shoulder was out and her whole body slide out. This is the best feeling ever! She let out a thundering wail and she peed. The hubs cut the cord. Dr Khoo held the baby up and showed her to me. I did not have the urge to cry. All I could think of is What a relief. It’s all over!
She was brought to the warmer and the midwife measured her weight and height. “3.96! Wow..the baby is 3.96!” exclaimed the midwife.
After they clean her up, she was brought to me while Dr Khoo sewed me up. This was then that a sense of surreality kicked in. I HAVE A BABY! Tears started flowing as I held her in my arms. Hello baby, this is mummy. I love you very much.
We took some photos and let baby latch on. But it wasn’t successful. Then they brought baby to the nursery, the hubs went along.

The midwife cleaned me up, let me change into a clean robe and got me some biscuits and Milo while waiting to be transferred to the ward. I finally got to the ward around 10ish to be greeted by the gang or support team as they called themselves. We asked for the baby to be brought to the room and lots of photo taking ensued. They left around 11ish. We enjoyed some quality time as a new family of three before baby being wheeled back to the nursery. The hubs washed up and plonk himself on the sofa bed. I drifted off to sleep. Finally, the 18 hours of labour has ended. It will be a whole new experience from this day onward.

I will never forget the moment Dr Khoo held her high up and showed her to me, her tiny body against mine and the happiness on the hubs face as he held baby for the first time. I am grateful to have my support team who stayed until so late and also for keeping my bed warm! I am glad I followed the nurse advise in getting the epidural early as I don’t think I will have the strength to push after in pain for so many hours. To those who go through labour without epidural, hats off to you!!



Elisa’s Birth Story Part I

Finally after 2.5 months, I got to write Elisa’s birth story. 

It all started gently enough…

I had my bloody show on Saturday and according to books, I am heading at the right direction.
Sunday came and went by without any drama.

Monday, 22nd July 2013, 3 am.
I was semi woken up by a dream. I dreamt that the baby has finally arrived and she pooed on me! Haha.
Since I was half awake, I went to the toilet and before I could do anything, I felt a little gush of warm fluid and the little gush became a much bigger gush, nothing flood-like, unlike those you see in movies. There was no question…my water had broken! Okay, I was not very certain but what else could it be?

Continued with my business, came out and googled what I should do next. I did not want to wake the hubs up but I guess he knew something was amiss. He asked if everything is ok and I told him “I THIIIINK my water bag broke!” I called the hospital, explained what happened and was told to get to hospital. I thought we will go into panic mode but we were pretty calm. We took our time to wash up, did some last minute packing, took some photos and off we went.

3.45 am – We left the house and took a slow drive to KKH. The drive on PIE was so smooth, for once! I was having some mild contractions akin to mild menstrual cramps (now I know how menstrual cramps feel like!)

4 am – We headed to the delivery suite and were quite surprised that they had all my records ready (we were pre-registered). They placed us in the room I would deliver in, and started monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and my contractions. The night shift doctor came and did a VE on me. I was only 1 cm dilated.

5 am – The nurse then came to insert the cannula. It was freaking painful!! And guess what? It was unsuccessful! According to her, I have a nice vein but it was blocked by a valve! And she decided to let the morning nurse do it. By that time, my hand was already sore from all the poking. (The bruise lasted for two weeks!)
Sent out a few messages to my mum and the bff. Sorry Em, didn’t mean to wake you up!

6 am – The doctor came and checked on me again. Still 1 cm dilated. I was having regular contractions, 1 in every 4-5 mins. The hubs then went for breakfast. I asked him to get me some McD breakfast but the nurse said I am not allowed to eat anything! Boo! I was telling the hubs, on hindsight, we should have eaten breakfast before going to the delivery suite! The nurse made me a cup of Milo and I drifted off to sleep.

7 am – There were some mild contractions. Pain level 1-2 out of 10. The husband organised our stuff, sent out a few emails/messages and took a nap on his uncomfy (according to him) couch. Nothing much happened as we waited for my obgyn, Dr Khoo.

8 am – Dr Khoo came and checked on me. Still 1 cm. As my waters have broken and labor hasn’t started, the doctor said I have to be induced. He briefed us on what’s going to happen; he’s going to give me prostaglandin and oxytocin later on. He asked me to have a big breakfast before being induced and I quickly summoned the hubs to get me McD (my last fancy meal, yes, McD is fancy at time like this) as I was real hungry!

8.30 am – I was given prostaglandin to ripen the cervix and stimulate contractions. The nurse came and inserted the cannula – second time. I was ready for the worse but surprising it did not hurt at all unlike the first time! I like this nurse already! Three vials of blood were taken for cord blood banking and I was put on a drip.

9 am – I started to feel some light contractions with a few strong ones. They are bearable. The nurse came and asked if I wanted epidural. She suggested that I get one so that I can have a proper rest as it’s going to be a long day. I heeded her advice.

9.30 am – The anaesthetist came and gave me a brief run down of the procedures. I was told to sit up, face the hubs and arch my back. Local anaesthetic was sprayed onto my back (I love the cooling feeling!) and then another local anaesthetic was injected followed by the insertion of the catheter. I was holding the hubs hand all along as this procedure reminds me of the bone marrow extraction I witnessed during my internship days. I know this is nothing compared to what I witnessed but the offensive looking needle is enough to send chills down my spine. The whole procedure was over in minutes, it was instant relief. Then the side effects kicked in, my lower body started to itch and my legs felt real heavy!
Shortly after, I was given a urinary catheterization as urine will be difficult due to the numbness and also I was bed-bound.

10 am – 2 pm – Not much happening down there, I was just in between 1 and 2.


To be continued…

37 Weeks

[Finally got around to posting this. it’s in the drafts folder for weeks]

The last Sunday before I popped, we headed to Quayside for a dinner gathering with the hubs colleagues at Brussels Sprout. The food was meh, but what made up for it was the company we had that night.

Little did I know that it was my last fancy meal before my confinement begins.





Growing A Human: Third Trimester

As I’m writing this, I am already into my 37th week. We are in the home stretch now and totally unprepared. Baby, stay in there longer okay?
Yes, I know right?! This pregnancy has gone by faster than the speed of light! Holy cow!!

The third trimester has been pretty good so far but it gets more and more uncomfortable as the weeks progressed. To date, I have gained almost 20 kg. I’m about the same weight as the hubs, if not slightly heavier. Yikes! And I can see/feel my whole body is covered with cellulite. Double yikes!! Baby, what have you done to me?! 😦

As much as I am enjoying this third trimester, there are three pregnancy woes that are quite a challenge.

1. I have a huge bump and I have friends asking if I am carrying twins. No, I’m not…I just have a gigantic baby 🙂  The baby bump is taking a toll on my back. The pain is constant and sometimes, it gets real bad in the middle of the night, I’ll wake up and get into child’s pose or cat cow pose to alleviate the pain. It does gives me instant gratification 😀
On a funnier side, there were a few occasions whereby I underestimated the size of my bump. I thought I could squeeze past the cars or could reach for the bottle only to be blocked by the bump. On these few occasions, I caught strangers laughing at me! I’m not mad at them, even me myself find it amusing. Hehe.

2.  I’ve been experiencing pelvic pain since the beginning of the third trimester. Sometimes the pain is so severe as though someone whacked me with full force at my pubic area 😮 To me, this is the mother of all pains. It has been giving me sleepless nights. I can’t do all these actions – turning over in bed, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed (putting on bottoms), raising my legs, in a swift moment. Now it takesssss time and it is a pain! It’s even a struggle to walk at a fast pace and I can’t get out of the car without looking like a fool!

3. I have to pee A L L  T H E  T I M E. This is very annoying. Just imagine having to visit the loo every few minutes and the worst is during the night. I try not to drink so much prior to bedtime and I also pee 2-3 times before sleeping desperately hoping that I can sleep through but that never happens 😦

I won’t say this third trimester is all bad, the baby is kinda nice to me too. Though I look pudgy, my shoes and my wedding ring still fits. No swollen feet. Yay!!
Minor leg cramps. It happens maybe once or twice and it’s nothing serious. Here’s a tip for you. Try not to stretch your legs while sleeping. If you really need to, stretch with a flexed feet. And if you feel a slight cramp, quickly flexed your feet! It always works for me! 🙂

It seems like I am complaining a lot. But seriously, I am enjoying the moment now especially when she starts dancing. It’s kinda ticklish at times but I know she is having a ball inside. As long as baby is happy, mummy is happy too 🙂
The hubs and I try to spend more time together and throw in a few nice meals during the weekend for we know, all these will be a distant memory when the baby arrives. We can’t wait to meet her! 



33 weeks at Treetop Lofts, RWS