PLAYtime! The Magic Treetop

After watching the first PLAYtime! The Magic Ocean, I knew we would be back for the second performance, The Magic Treetop.


Two Sundays back, we went to catch the 4pm show with a group of friends. The Magic Treetop, invites children on a treetop adventure. Together with Yasmin, an army of ants, a group of squirrels, a swarm of bees and a chameleon, the children were tasked to help Mama Robin to find her missing egg.

IMG_3582the hip hop squirrels

IMG_3584the marching ants

As compared to The Magic Ocean, I enjoyed this performance more and I guess Elisa too. She was very interactive, following what the performers did. She was jumping up and down and marching when the ants marched. There were a few occasion, she was a bit clueless on what was happening and I had to explain to her.

IMG_3587playing hide ‘n’ seek with the blue chameleon

IMG_3594After the play, Elisa couldn’t stop marching. Two weeks on, she is still marching all over the house. This explains how much she enjoyed herself. I’ve already bookmarked the date for the next PLAYtime!. I hope The Magic Jungle will be just as good. See you in September!

IMG_3606 IMG_3610


**backlog** it’s PLAYtime! the magic ocean

After seeing some post on IG, I decided it was time to introduce Elisa to the world of theatre. Some time back in February, we went to attend our first PLAYtime!, an interactive theatre series for children aged two to four.

Playtime! The Magic Ocean, featuring sea creatures, invites children on an underwater adventure down below. 


As it was Elisa’s first theatre experience, I didn’t know how she would fare, I actually don’t have high hopes for her. But the moment we stepped inside the recital studio, I have a feeling that the 40 minutes will be an enjoyable one. True enough, it was!


She wasn’t very interactive, most of the time she was just observing what other kids were doing and occasionally, following their actions. At one point she was trying to reach for the jellyfish, I guess this is as interactive as she could get. Hah!


We had a good time interacting with the sea creatures and I’m glad Elisa was not afraid of them. We can’t wait for their next performance, The Magic Treetop. We will be there!


night terror

Sometimes two weeks ago, our sleeping schedule was thrown out the window. whose fault was that? mine! We had some late nights and elisa went to bed exceptionally late. She was sleep deprived, needless to say.

There was one night she suddenly sat upright in bed and cried hysterically. We did whatever we could to soothe her but to no avail. C was alarmed cause we have not experienced this before. He tried to wake her up, asked her to open her eyes but she just refused. And her cries got even louder and at one point, she was screaming in distress. This made C even more nervous. He kept calling “Elisa! Elisa! Elisa!” and it make the whole situation worse. He got stress, I got stress and the poor girl was just hysterical.

Though night terrors can be alarming for parents who witness them, they’re not usually cause for concern or a sign of a deeper medical issue.

~ Babycenter

I told him to stop and asked him to return to the room. I know it is somewhat related to sleep deprivation but I don’t know how to put it across nor do I know how to handle her crying. I totally understand his concern but what he did was not helping at all. After a while, I managed to calm Elisa down. We read a book and soon after, she went back to sleep. 

I googled this incident and apparently it is a norm in toddlers who are sleep deprived. This is called night terrors.

Night terrors are sleep disturbances in which a child may suddenly bolt upright in bed, cry, scream, moan, mumble, and thrash about with her eyes wide open, but without being truly awake. Because she’s caught in a sort of a twilight zone between being asleep and being awake, she’s unaware of your presence and isn’t likely to respond to anything you say or do.

~ Babycenter

Two hours after Elisa went back to sleep, she woke up again, crying. I did what the internet taught me i.e. speak to her calmly and allow the storm to pass. It worked and she slept until 9 the next morning.

The next day, we put her back into routine and everything went back to normal. All of us had a good night’s sleep.

What I learnt from the internet with regards to night terrors:-

1. Don’t try to wake a child up.
2. A child having night terror, can’t be calmed down. If you try to hold her, it may make her wilder.
3. Don’t try to physically calm her unless she is in danger of hurting herself.
4. Speak calmly and wait for the storm to pass.
5. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep; getting her to nap at a consistent timing during the day and getting her to bed at a reasonable time in the evening.


Remember, when dealing with night terrors, don’t panicked and just be as boring as possible.


the script live in singapore

I’m not exactly a fan of The Script but I will not give up the chance to go out and feel young again. On Tuesday night, we went for our first concert in what seems like forever. We are so grateful for friends who helped us babysit Elisa while we have some couple time. Thank you very much, you two!!

2015/04/img_3312.jpgAfter the opening act, we waited for almost an hour before they FINALLY made their appearance. I was a bit pissed that we had to wait for so long but the moment they came into the fully packed stadium, all was forgotten. The crowd got high and the atmosphere was beyond c r a z y!

2015/04/img_3316.jpgAt one point, the lead vocal spoke to a fan’s ex-boyfriend and sang NOTHING into the phone live together with the thousands of fans. He then ended the call with a “Bye A**hole!”. So cheeky that one!

2015/04/img_3333.jpgHalfway through, the lead vocal walked around the lower category sections and stopping for selfies along the way. The crowd went wild; some can be seen jumping out of their seat rushing towards him.


What I liked about their performance besides their songs was their genuine interaction with the audience and their sincere appreciation for every single one who was there that night. Without a doubt, they put up a stellar performance. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for the awesome concert!



a helping hand

After much deliberation, we are finally getting a helper! She will be here tomorrow!!!

When Elisa was a few months old, C and I always fight over this issue-getting a helper. I wasn’t ready then. I was not ready to put her under the care of non-family members and I want to spend as much time as possible with my baby. I want to be there for her when she starts to crawl, when she takes a stumble, when she takes her first step. I want to be there for all her firsts and I did! I couldn’t have possibly witnessed all her firsts if not for C who works tirelessly and supporting me both financially and emotionally. For that, I am very thankful!

So am I ready now?

Actually, not quite. I’m still in two minds about it. With a helper, we get an extra pair of hands and I know she will make our lives much more easier (unless she gives us hell, which I hope not!). But it also comes with a whole lot of issues to deal with especially if I have to leave Elisa with her alone when I eventually go back to work.

We have also gotten some “are you sure?” or “I will not leave my kids with the helper alone” kind of comments from relatives and friends and it makes me wonder if we made the right choice.

I told C my concern and what he said put my mind to rest. He said if this helper does not work out, we can always get another one. And I should only go back to work when I am 100% ready to leave Elisa with the helper. 

It will be  a new ball game altogether having an extra person living with us. I really hope she is trustworthy and not a problem maker, I do not need additional stress in my life! I do not know how things will pan out when the helper is here. But one thing I know for sure, messy house no more! Yay!!




elisa’s first cinema experience

Yesterday morning, Em texted me and asked if we want to join her and En Ru for a movie. I gave it some thoughts and decided not to, lest Elisa disturb other people. You see, like every kid her age, she has short attention span; she can’t sit still to watch a 30 minutes Hi-5 tv show, what more a 1.5 hours movie. I would only have myself to blame if I get ugly stares from the cinema-goers.

home-movie“Home”  {source}

But as I was having my breakfast, I managed to convinced myself to just give it a try. It being the first screening of the day, I guess there won’t be a lot of people or if any at all! I told myself, if Elisa  makes a fuss in the cinema, I’ll just bring her out from there. Ugly stares, don’t care! It has been ages since I last stepped into the cinema, you know?!! So, we went.

On our way to the cinema, I told Elisa where we are going, what to expect and what are expected from her i.e. she has to sit still, no running about and can’t make noise. Not sure how much she understands but at least I tried. 

2015/04/img_3068.jpgfirst movie experience for both of them.

Em got them a packet of pop corns to share and I have to say the pop corns made their (and ours) first cinema experience a rather pleasant one. They sat through almost 3/4 of the movie which I think is an achievement and they spent the rest of the movie climbing up and down the stairs and walking around the cinema Q U I E T L Y without disturbing the other 6 people! So proud of these two munchkins!

Elisa’s first cinema experience was a success. There will definitely be more movie dates with this little girl. But it has to be weekday, first screening, where the cinema is empty :)


things elisa says: #1

Elisa is at this age where she is starting to use simple two-word, sometimes three-word sentences. Sometimes the things she says crack us up. Some are not exactly funny, but coming from a 11/2 years old, we find it amusing!


While we were watching football on Saturday night, out of a sudden, she cried out “Uh, tired!” together with wipe-off-sweat-from-forehead action :)

The other day at the restaurant, there was a baby at the next table. C was telling me something, she turned to her father, shhh-ed at him him and whispered “baby” :shock:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACan’t wait to have proper conversations with her!