things elisa says: #6-elisa says grace

Last evening, while playing with Elisa, she said let’s say grace. I was shocked that she knows and I knew she’s in the good hands of her teachers.

Dear Father God,

Thank you for the food,
Thank you for the water, and
Thank you for the playground!


Getting her priorities right!!

When C came home, I asked to repeat what she said earlier..

Me   : Elisa, can you say grace?
Elisa : G R A C E



travel: phuket 2015

I’m so so late in blogging about our Phuket trip! Here it goes..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe seems to have a pattern here. Beach holiday mid year, and non beach holiday end of the year. I hope this pattern remains! Two holidays in a year is what the doctor prescribed ;)

Last July we went back to Phuket. After our first visit years ago, we fell in love with that place. Moreover, Phuket holds a special place in our heart.


After some research, we settled for Katathani Beach Resort. This hotel ticks all the boxes: kids friendly, nice beach and not in Patong (this is very important!).

IMG_5778We invited my MIL along for this trip. We seldom go back to KL, so this is a good opportunity for her to spend time with C and Elisa. And an extra pair of hands is always a good idea!

We were there for a total of one week. We didn’t do much, we spend most of our time in the resort. We swam, body surf, build sandcastles, massage and ate like a horse. At night, after putting Elisa to bed, the adults had a game or two of rummy before calling it a day. Such a hard life! :D




We spent one day driving around the island and exploring Phuket town. We drove past the hotel where we stayed on our first visit and we can’t stop recounting to my MIL about the place. The beach, the old shack that sells the best and cheapest Thai food, the $2 noodle stall…ahhh, so much memories!

IMG_5886  It was a good break for C before he dives back into the busyness at work. We totally enjoyed ourselves. We came home spotting a glorious tan and heaps of wonderful memories to cherish.

first week of school

Early last week, Elisa’s teacher called to update me on her progress in school.

Here’s what her teacher had to say..
1. Very attached to the first person she’s in contact with. It could either be Aunty Linda (the admin staff), Mrs Tan (Vice-principal) or Pastor Julia (Principal). They are the one who carry out the health checks and receive the kids when they arrive in school. So whoever receives Elisa when she arrives, Elisa will cling on to her.
2. Throws tantrum when either one of them leave the classroom. She will scream, jump and throw herself on the floor.
3. Stand aside and observe what other kids are doing before joining in on the activities.
4. Refused to hold other kids’ hands while walking.
5. Eats well in school. No issue when comes to food (I’m not surprise :D )

So first week of school, done and dusted.
Now, on to the second and we hope it will get better for her!

P/s: She is very independent when comes to taking the school bus on her own. I accompanied her on the first day and on the second day, she was on her own. She did resist and cry when our helper handed her over to the bus assistant but C (who was waiting for in school) reported that she stopped crying when she arrived in school. On the third day, she resisted but no crying. On the fourth, she showed no signs of resistance at all…”bye kakak! see you later!”. And off she went! :)




and we are five…

Last December, C and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how fast it has gone! We have had our ups and downs and hit a few rough patches over the years.

What I’ve learned from this five years of marriage is that marriage is hard work. You can’t expect everything to fall into place just like that. We have to build it together and keep nurturing it along the way. It’s a lifelong adventure.

Marriage is not all about love. Yes, love is important but so is kindness, patience, sacrifice, trust and knowing when to curb your tongue!

For the bad times that we have gone through, I believe we have came out stronger. We are in a better position now as compared to two/three years back.

I’m not perfect. I’m still learning how to do it better.

IMG_5856May we always be silly together! 

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part.

Happy Anniversary to us!



things elisa says: #4 – I eat fruits

when she was little, she will eat any vegetables that we give her. She loves broccoli. Now, a tiny piece of spring onion will freak her out…”No vege!!”

Nevertheless, I still try my luck in getting her to eat her greens.

Me  :  Elisa, you have to eat veges. If not you can’t poo poo.
Elisa:  No. I eat fruits, I can poo poo!
Me  :  ………….

Try harder, mummy!

letter to elisa: (officially) first day of school

Dear Elisa,

Following your first day of school last week, we decided to pull you out from school for the rest of the week because you weren’t feeling well.

So, here we are, starting school again. Yesterday, was officially your first day of school, three hours of class. This is the real deal.

Just like last week, mummy followed you on the school bus. As compared to last week, there were more kids in the bus. They were really noisy but I know they are good kids. I told them to watch out for you because you are a baby in the bus and they happily agreed.

When we arrived in school, we proceeded to do the health check. This time round, you were totally fine with Aunty Linda (the admin staff) conducting the checks. You showed her your hands and mouth willingly and happily went to the holding area. You were doing great on your own and I even managed to have a chat with another mummy, without having you stuck to me.

But as more kids arrived, you got nervous and started to cling on to me. I had to carry you to your classroom and then to the chapel for assembly (every Monday, there will be assembly in the chapel). Throughout the assembly, I was by your side, I wasn’t allowed to step away from you. Even while I was seated on the floor, you insisted to sit on my lap. You just need to be in contact with me.

After assembly, we went back to the classroom and Mrs Tan (the vice principal) approached me to check if I was ready to let go. It was hard to let go but I had to! I said goodbye and walked out of the classroom without looking back. You cried, threw yourself on the floor and my heart broke into a million pieces.

So, this was what happened after I left…

you threw a huge tantrum,
you were screaming,

you refused to clean your snot, 
you managed to calm down, told Pastor Julia that you want to look for me, 
you fell asleep in class.

Yup, you were already sleeping in class on your first day of school! :) When I saw you sleeping, I had the urge to run in and give you a hug. But I can’t.

Soon, it was your break time. You had already stopped crying by then. Pastor Julia updated me about your progress –

you were in a better mood after your nap,
finished your bowl of macaroni, 
finished your biscuit,
offered Pastor Julia a piece of biscuit,
kept one piece for mummy which you eventually ate it!

All these while, I was hiding behind a pillar watching you :). I felt so much better when I know you weren’t crying any more.

At 2.30 pm, you were released from class. You were thrilled when you saw me! Likewise, I was so happy to see a happy and smiling you running towards me! I will never forget the smile on your face.

We took the school bus home together. This time, you didn’t demand to be seated next to me. You were okay sitting next to a boy, a stark difference as compared to the morning. You were talking to the boy next to you, showing him where Dr Tan’s clinic is when we passed by Loyang Point and you even asked the two older boys to “stop talking!”. bossy little girl!

And this sums up your first proper day in school. Although you had a bumpy start, I know you will settle in eventually. As with everything, all you need is just a little bit of time.

Darling, do know that we are so very proud of you!!