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The moments are fleeting!

Before we become a family of four, I want to stop and reflect on the past three and a half years when we were just a family of three. It seems like I’ve been a mom forever. I don’t remember what life was before Elisa. She has taught me so much about motherhood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecently, I was doing up Elisa’s photo book and gosh, the pregnant me had a hard time controlling my emotions! We have created so many memories together and I’ve cherished every single one of it even when the moments were hard. From the day she was born, to our first family holiday, to the day she started school and all those wonderful memories are safely tucked away in my heart.


In a short span of three and a half years, we have watched Elisa blossom into the girl she is today. I have so much to say about this girl, she makes us so very proud of her. On the family front, it wasn’t butterflies and roses at first. Parenthood is tough that you think but we’ve learned to swallow our pride and we have grown so much stronger since.


It won’t be long until baby no 2 arrives. I’m going to spend the next few weeks savouring every moment we spend with Elisa and ask for as many cuddles and kisses as possible.

No matter what happened, she will always be our number 1 baby. Soon a new chapter of our lives will begin and I can’t wait to capture the memories we will be sharing as a family of four.



growing human #2: week 36 + 5d

Friday, it’s finally here!!

I’ve been looking forward to today like forever! Today is my last day of work before my maternity leave commences! Nope, not going to pop yet but it could be anytime. We are on a home stretch!

I feel like my body is growing weaker and weaker with each passing day. My tailbone and back hurts if I sit too long, my legs hurts if I stand too long, I can’t speak without going all breathless, a good night’s sleep is all in the past, turning from side to side in bed is a chore, getting out of bed is another chore (rolling out of bed is so much easier) and the leg cramps! OMG, they are brutal!! Right now, I’m in a phase where everything is so damn uncomfortable.

I know this will not be forever. Just have to bear with it for a bit more and it will be over before I know it and I’ll probably miss this phase when it’s all over.

I visited my gynae last Wednesday and all is good. Baby’s head in down, heartbeat is strong and weighing at 3 kg – this explains the constant annoying pain in my upper abdomen under my left breast. My insides are probably all squashed up to make space for the growing baby!

As for my weight, I’ve put on a total of 19 kg thus far, 3 kg in the last four weeks! I’m not sure if it’s normal but it is quite scary to me! I’m even heavier than C! My face is rounder than normal and that double chin is horrendous. At the rate things are going, I think I’ll probably hit 80+ kg by the time I give birth.

Three more weeks till my due date and things are getting a lot more surreal here!

img_7006week 36 + 4d


first year of preschool

Pre-nursery done and dusted (I know I am very late, she’s starting nursery term 2 next week!). I am happy to report that she enjoyed nearly every minute of it. We have seen her grow so much in terms of communication and socialisation.

She is constantly chattering away, sometimes a bit too much for our ears. Her chatters have morphed from babbling to real conversations. She reports to us what happened in school everyday…both important and not so important, like who did not attend school or who cried in school! Haha.

After attending school for one year, I am pleased to say that she is much more sociable now. Whenever she walks past our neighbour’s house, she will wave and call out “Aunty Mary!!”. She will greet the gardener/cleaner when she sees them. She has a few friends in school that she truly adores and she talks about them every day! Her two besties are Aaron and Bradley 🙂

For her year-end evaluation, she got “competent” for almost all the categories except Chinese! That’s what you get for having bananas as parents. Haha. It’s good to know she is doing well in school, both academically and socially but at the moment, we are not too concern about her academic wise. Even if she doesn’t perform well, we will not be too disheartened. She is all but a three year old!!

Seeing her grow this much and enjoying school is a huge relief to us. She was just 2 1/2 years old when she started school. It was definitely tough initially with all the cryings and adapting to a new environment. But look at her now! She is happy and she looks forward to school every day. This is one of the best decision we have ever made!!

Pre-nursery done and dusted! 

a love letter to elisa: you’re THREE years old

Dear Elisa,

It’s common to hear parents say “enjoy every moment, it passes so quickly”. You know what? It is so true! You never realise how fast time passes until you experience it. I was cradling you the other day (mummy, carry me like a baby), I know it sounds cliché, but it really felt like it was just yesterday that I first held you in my arms. The difference is, you were 3.96 kg then. And now you are a whooping 16 kg!!!

Whenever I look at you, my heart both soars and aches at the same time to realise you are no longer the tiny baby that we brought home exactly three years ago but a smart and happy little big girl who sings Taylor Swift’s songs at the top of her lungs! You have grown leaps and bounds since you turned two. “Did she just say that?”, “Did you see that?”…these are the things papa and I say over and over again.

You surprised us with how fast you can relate things together. Every night after dinner, we will hang out in the study room. Papa will play guitar and you will get a few minutes of screen time on the iPad. One night, you kept hurrying papa to go into the room and we were wondering why. Then we realised, guitar = iPad!! Oh, you smart little thing!!!

You are very good at manipulating us or either that, we are pushovers! I’m not sure where you learnt all these – hand clasped, puppy eyes, mummy please (?) from, but they are a sure win strategy to get me to say YES. You always WIN!

Your grandparents were not sparred too. There was once you went out with popo and ah gong, and you came home with a bicycle, just because you said you wanted one.

Or that time when you walked past TWG and you told popo “papa, never bring me here you know?”. The next moment, you were having afternoon tea at TWG! FYI, papa also never bring me there, you know?!!!

Or that time you went into a shop with mama and you came out with not one but THREE soft toys! Where are the toys now? In a box with all your other soft toys!!

Or how mama always give you (A LOT OF) chocolates because you like chocolates.

You know, you have all your grandparents wrapped around your little pinky and they couldn’t be happier! You are their cure to all pains, you are their source of joy! You are one lucky girl!

My dear, you aren’t a big sister yet, but I am confident when the time comes (with God’s grace), you will take on the role like a champ. You care for your baby/rabbit with so much love that I know you will be an amazing sister!!

Elisa, I know you will get more and more independent from now on. Please know that papa and I are always here to hold your hands every step of the way. We will hold on to them tight cause we are not ready to let go yet.

Keep learning, keep laughing and keep being awesome!







letter to elisa: (officially) first day of school

Dear Elisa,

Following your first day of school last week, we decided to pull you out from school for the rest of the week because you weren’t feeling well.

So, here we are, starting school again. Yesterday, was officially your first day of school, three hours of class. This is the real deal.

Just like last week, mummy followed you on the school bus. As compared to last week, there were more kids in the bus. They were really noisy but I know they are good kids. I told them to watch out for you because you are a baby in the bus and they happily agreed.

When we arrived in school, we proceeded to do the health check. This time round, you were totally fine with Aunty Linda (the admin staff) conducting the checks. You showed her your hands and mouth willingly and happily went to the holding area. You were doing great on your own and I even managed to have a chat with another mummy, without having you stuck to me.

But as more kids arrived, you got nervous and started to cling on to me. I had to carry you to your classroom and then to the chapel for assembly (every Monday, there will be assembly in the chapel). Throughout the assembly, I was by your side, I wasn’t allowed to step away from you. Even while I was seated on the floor, you insisted to sit on my lap. You just need to be in contact with me.

After assembly, we went back to the classroom and Mrs Tan (the vice principal) approached me to check if I was ready to let go. It was hard to let go but I had to! I said goodbye and walked out of the classroom without looking back. You cried, threw yourself on the floor and my heart broke into a million pieces.

So, this was what happened after I left…

you threw a huge tantrum,
you were screaming,

you refused to clean your snot, 
you managed to calm down, told Pastor Julia that you want to look for me, 
you fell asleep in class.

Yup, you were already sleeping in class on your first day of school! 🙂 When I saw you sleeping, I had the urge to run in and give you a hug. But I can’t.

Soon, it was your break time. You had already stopped crying by then. Pastor Julia updated me about your progress –

you were in a better mood after your nap,
finished your bowl of macaroni, 
finished your biscuit,
offered Pastor Julia a piece of biscuit,
kept one piece for mummy which you eventually ate it!

All these while, I was hiding behind a pillar watching you :). I felt so much better when I know you weren’t crying any more.

At 2.30 pm, you were released from class. You were thrilled when you saw me! Likewise, I was so happy to see a happy and smiling you running towards me! I will never forget the smile on your face.

We took the school bus home together. This time, you didn’t demand to be seated next to me. You were okay sitting next to a boy, a stark difference as compared to the morning. You were talking to the boy next to you, showing him where Dr Tan’s clinic is when we passed by Loyang Point and you even asked the two older boys to “stop talking!”. bossy little girl!

And this sums up your first proper day in school. Although you had a bumpy start, I know you will settle in eventually. As with everything, all you need is just a little bit of time.

Darling, do know that we are so very proud of you!!



not a good start

We’re back from our year end vacation. It was a nice long break.

And now we’re back to the grindstone.

Coming back to Singapore, we were thrown into a state of frenzy. First, Elisa and myself fell ill. She’s still coughing as I’m writing this. And this morning, our car gave us some problems which required it to be towed to the workshop. Just as we were trying to solve the car problem, we found out there’s water seepage problem in Elisa’s room. Super suay!

 It’s only SIX days into the new year and we have to deal with all these problems!
HOW lah like that??

I hope all these suay-ness will end here. 2016, please please be more kind to us! I promise to be extremely nice to you!!when we were healthier and not having to worry about the car or the house. The only worry of the night? If we can finish the whole lamb shoulder! 



letter to elisa: your first day of school

Dear Elisa,

This year will be a year of learning for you. You are going to school!!

Yesterday was your first day of school. I was so excited in sending you to school that I might have neglected your needs. Hence, it did not go as well as I hoped.

As we just got back from Melbourne the day before, you were tired from the flight, jet-lagged and a bit under the weather. And yet, I decided to send you to school which comes to think about it, I’m pushing you a bit too far. And mummy is so sorry.

So, let’s talk about school. When it was time to get ready for school, you put up a fuss, you didn’t want to change into your school uniform. You kept saying “I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay at home”. But after some persuasion, you gave in.

And here we are, ready to take on the first day of school.

As the school is a bit out of the way, we opted for a school bus. At 11.05am, the bus pulled up to the porch and we were on our way to school, fetching a few more kids along the way. Mummy tagged along to make sure you were okay in the bus. You were not. You didn’t want to sit next a boy and kept clinging unto me instead.

When we arrived at the school, I can sense your anxiety, after all this is your first time attending school. There were kids and parents everywhere, and we went to join the queue to have your temperature taken. Of course, you had to have me by your side. After your temperature was taken, we proceed to have your hands and mouth checked for ulcers to make sure you are free from HFMD (four letters that put a lot of parents in distress). You didn’t allow the teacher to check, so mummy had to take over from the teacher.

After all the checks were being carried out, you were led to a holding area before proceeding to your class. Again, you just want to cling on to mummy. You wanted to be carried as we walked towards your class.

The first activity of the day was singing and followed by storytelling, which was conducted in Mandarin. You were apprehensive but you sat through both the singing and storytelling. Some of your classmates were walking around the classroom, totally ignoring what was happening.

After the mandarin session, Teacher Liz (which is your class teacher) took over and the subject of the day was “Happy”. There was a bit of singing and clapping of hands. And your uneasiness faded (a bit) when she gave out stickers to all the students.

Besides singing, you did your first craft yesterday. Teacher Liz helped you to make a happy face hand puppet which you proudly showed it to me, papa and kakak. And you insisted on holding on to it.

The last few minutes of class was playtime. This is where things got a bit more interesting for you. NOT! Mummy tried to leave you alone in the class, I told you I needed to go to the toilet and you were okay with it. When you realised I wasn’t there, you started to cry for me. And papa went to your “rescue”.

When school ended, you didn’t want to leave…”I don’t want to go home. I want to stay in school”. I asked if you want to go to school tomorrow and you answered me “YES!”.

For the return journey home, papa suggested you take the bus alone. I am concerned but I knew I had to let go and you have to start taking the bus alone…sooner or later. And so, I left the bus and you started crying…until you reached home.

When we reached home, I had a conversation with you. We talked about going to school, the bus ride and what you did in school. You told me every single thing and you were excited about it. So, I’m going to take it as you enjoyed school.

Here you have it, your first day of school. It wasn’t a smooth first day but nevertheless, we are proud of you. Let’s hope it will be smooth sailing from now onwards.

We believe you will love school, it’s just a matter of time. So, go on and pain the town red or in this context, paint the school red 🙂