ed’s birth story I

Finally, got down to pen down Ed’s birth story.

23rd April
It was a pretty typical Sunday evening. We went to the park prior to dinner at our favourite hangout joint. While walking at the park, I felt some mild contractions. It came and gone.

During dinner, the contractions came again. It was irregular. I was thinking to myself, could this be the onset of labor or is this what they called Braxton Hicks? I brushed it aside as Braxton Hicks and continued stuffing my face with fries and beef burger. Soo good!

When we reached home, I got Elisa ready for bed. Read her some books and took some photos with her, all the while having contractions. Slowly it dawned on me I might be in labor but I wasn’t 100% sure. With Elisa, my water bag broke. So up until this point, I didn’t know what real labor contractions felt like.

After putting Elisa to bed, I joined Chris in front of the TV. I started timing the contractions and they were coming about 8 mins apart. The contractions were strong but not crazy strong. And then it stopped. Half an hour later, another wave of contractions hit, with the same duration and frequency.

The contractions went on and there wasn’t any biggie; I was able to walk and talk. Then I received this notification.

I was aiming for the frequency to be three to four mins apart before doing something. Since it wasn’t anything near, I did nothing 🙂

Plonked myself in front of the tele for the FA Cup semi-finals between Arsenal and Man City and got myself a plate of cheese. This time, the contractions were quite regular and had increased to 6mins apart and it started to get more and more painful, clenched teeth and squeezed eyes shut kind of painful.

As the match progressed, so did the intensity. C was really extremely generous to offer his hands, I think I squeezed his hands a bit too hard when the contractions hit. And he never complains once 🙂
C suggested that I call the hospital and seek advice. I gave them a call and was told to get to the hospital as they can’t tell much on the phone.

After some considerations, we decided we should head to the hospital BUT after the match #priority. And the match went into extra time. GREAT!

I continued to time the contractions. They were still 6mins apart and then I received this notification! Call an ambulance?!?! No need so drama lah! 🙂


FULL TIME! Arsenal is in the FA Cup Finals!! Yayy!!


And it’s time to go to the hospital! We quickly pack our bags, gave Elisa a kiss, handed her over to my mum and off we went. But first, photo for posterity’s sake.


We arrived at the labor ward shortly after 1am. Before I could say anything, the nurse on duty asked “Are you Elaine?”. Yup, that’s me 🙂 She performed a VE on me and I was already 3cm dilated.

“Does this means I will give birth today?” I asked.

“Yes. We will have to admit you. The doctor will come by to check on you later.”

I was ushered into the birthing room. “Ahh…this looks familiar” I told C.
I changed into the ugly robe, hopped onto the bed and got hooked up with all the devices whilst C was unpacking all the unnecessary stuff. He then changed into his pyjamas (long pants, sweater, socks and eye shades! he is more prepared than me!!) and made himself comfortable.

I tried to force myself to sleep only to be woken up by contractions. They weren’t that bad, I rated them 5/10 on the pain scale. I could only watch as C getting all comfy on the couch.

The nurse asked if I needed epidural.
“No, I don’t intend to get one. Thank you”

**I had told C before that I do not intend to get epidural this time round. I want to know what a drug-free childbirth is and I think I can take the pain.
“Don’t be a hero”, that’s what he said.

A doctor came to check on me and I was still 3cm dilated. What? Still 3cm? I was hoping it to be 5 or 6 or maybe 7. I thought second childbirth will be faster? Okay, fine!

He said at the rate things are going, I’ll probably give birth in the morning. And I was told that my gynae is away on holiday and he will be back later that day!! What??? I didn’t know that!!

Okay, fine!!!!

I know I mentioned I didn’t want an epidural but after giving it some thoughts, I was quite inclined to get one. Reason being, the dilation is s.u.p.e.r slow and the contractions were getting stronger. According to the doctor, I’ll probably have to wait until the morning. Although I can still take the pain, I’m afraid I’ll be too tired to push by then. And I needed to get some sleep.

The contractions were getting stronger and it’s getting quite painful-clenched teeth, gripped bed-railing kind of painful. Just as I was in the middle of a strong contraction, the nurse came in. Very good timing!

“I need an epidural, please!”. I felt a little disappointed asking for epidural but God knows how many more strong contractions will be coming my way #loser

“Okay, I’ll get the anaesthetist”

The anaesthetist came to do her job. I’ve done this before but I was quite nervous during the catheter insertion. Maybe because I was worried the contraction might hit during the insertion? I held the pillow tightly and tried to distract myself from thinking too much. To be honest, I was scared! Luckily, no contraction came during the insertion and the epidural was safely administered.

4cm dilated and contractions were 3mins apart. I laid in bed trying to sleep. But I could still feel the contractions, though not painful but it was uncomfortable.

The pain was getting more dreadful despite the epidural. The dosage was increased and I felt an immediate relief.

The same doctor came to check on me. I was 5cm dilated and fully effaced. He took a look at my tummy, touched here and there, then he said baby’s weight should be around 3.5kg. Ahh..ok. Slightly smaller than Elisa.

I tried my best to sleep but I was drifting in and out. It didn’t help that the nurses kept coming in to check on me.

Still 5cm. There nurses came to prep the room for delivery. C woke up from his sleep, changed out of his pyjamas and got ready for what’s to come.

To be continued….










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