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elisa’s fourth birthday

it is that one time of the year I look forward to every year because I get to plan a party for her!


this year, we threw her a pool party. We invited our close friends over, ordered some food from Qiji and had a great afternoon by the pool.

bday5sambal sotong and beef rendang

 I would have prepared a feast if I had the time but having a newborn at home, it is wiser to just order. BUT, me being me, I did prepare two dishes to go with the nasi lemak we ordered from Qiji.

Old habits die hard 😛

For her birthday, Elisa requested for two things…

one – a pinata. This is easy.

bday4everyone had a go in destroying the pinata. After the unbreakable one I did last year, this one is more kids friendly 🙂

two – a pandan gula melaka cake (ala Cedele). Not easy. bday3chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting & pandan gula melaka

Why two cakes you may ask? Because i messed up the cake I had initially planned to make for her! 😦

So I threw the wrinkly cake plan out the window and got her the pandan cake from Cedele instead. Well, she didn’t mind one bit, she was actually very pleased! Upon realising how small the pandan cake was (bad judgement on my part), I knew I had to either buy another cake or bake her one OR risk having C nagging the crap out of me! Guess which option I chose? Bake of course! Old habits die hard, remember?

Hence, two different cakes 🙂

bday2with the pals she grew up with 

Thank you once again for celebrating Elisa’s fourth birthday!

Til’ her 5th birthday!!




elisa’s third birthday

Recently, we celebrated Elisa’s third birthday at home with some of our close friends. Until the day she demands what she wants for her birthday, mummy here gets a say.

So, taco party it was!!

We booked a gazebo next to the playground so the kids get to play whilst the adults eat and drink. We had a few days of rain leading up to the day and the dark stormy clouds in the afternoon threw a bit of a wrench in how I wanted to set up the place. Nevertheless, we were extremely lucky the rain held up!

To amp up the fun factor, C prepared a few games for the kids. And they were a hit with the kids except for Elisa who preferred the playground.

As usual, I took charge of feeding our guests. The good thing about Mexican food is that you can prepare most dishes ahead of time. I’m glad I had the help of our helper, else I have to call for pizza delivery!!

In line with the fiesta theme, I got the kids these cute pineapple water container and some maracas which almost did not arrive in time!

 For her birthday cake, I baked a chocolate speculoos cake with cream cheese frosting. I’m lousy at stacked cakes, this is the best I can come up with. Hopefully one day, I will be able to make a Pinterest worthy cake 😀

And what’s a party without a pinata??

Pinata smashing time!! 🙂

We filled it up with lots of sweets and chocolates…I am sure if there are any militant anti-sugar mums among us, it will make them cringe!! Haha.

Thank you all for taking the time to celebrate Elisa’s birthday with us! We hope you guys had a great time!!

Til’ her 4th birthday!!


a love letter to elisa: you’re THREE years old

Dear Elisa,

It’s common to hear parents say “enjoy every moment, it passes so quickly”. You know what? It is so true! You never realise how fast time passes until you experience it. I was cradling you the other day (mummy, carry me like a baby), I know it sounds cliché, but it really felt like it was just yesterday that I first held you in my arms. The difference is, you were 3.96 kg then. And now you are a whooping 16 kg!!!

Whenever I look at you, my heart both soars and aches at the same time to realise you are no longer the tiny baby that we brought home exactly three years ago but a smart and happy little big girl who sings Taylor Swift’s songs at the top of her lungs! You have grown leaps and bounds since you turned two. “Did she just say that?”, “Did you see that?”…these are the things papa and I say over and over again.

You surprised us with how fast you can relate things together. Every night after dinner, we will hang out in the study room. Papa will play guitar and you will get a few minutes of screen time on the iPad. One night, you kept hurrying papa to go into the room and we were wondering why. Then we realised, guitar = iPad!! Oh, you smart little thing!!!

You are very good at manipulating us or either that, we are pushovers! I’m not sure where you learnt all these – hand clasped, puppy eyes, mummy please (?) from, but they are a sure win strategy to get me to say YES. You always WIN!

Your grandparents were not sparred too. There was once you went out with popo and ah gong, and you came home with a bicycle, just because you said you wanted one.

Or that time when you walked past TWG and you told popo “papa, never bring me here you know?”. The next moment, you were having afternoon tea at TWG! FYI, papa also never bring me there, you know?!!!

Or that time you went into a shop with mama and you came out with not one but THREE soft toys! Where are the toys now? In a box with all your other soft toys!!

Or how mama always give you (A LOT OF) chocolates because you like chocolates.

You know, you have all your grandparents wrapped around your little pinky and they couldn’t be happier! You are their cure to all pains, you are their source of joy! You are one lucky girl!

My dear, you aren’t a big sister yet, but I am confident when the time comes (with God’s grace), you will take on the role like a champ. You care for your baby/rabbit with so much love that I know you will be an amazing sister!!

Elisa, I know you will get more and more independent from now on. Please know that papa and I are always here to hold your hands every step of the way. We will hold on to them tight cause we are not ready to let go yet.

Keep learning, keep laughing and keep being awesome!








After much toil and sweat, C finally received his Masters in Business Administrations. He started this program four years ago when there were just two of us and now, there are three!

I can attest he worked extremely hard for this. There were many late nights involved; he had to prepare for presentation the very next day when his class ended late into the night and a lot of his weekends were burnt because he had to attend classes or to do projects.

 I am glad this is finally over and I won’t be a MBA-widow anymore!! 😀

I am so very proud of you!


year of the monkey

Every year, we will spend a few days in KL, have reunion dinner with my MIL before going back to Penang. And this year was no different. As our time in KL was really short, we just managed to squeeze in a meet up with a dear couple who are known to spoil Elisa like nobody’s business! 

Our trip to Penang was short but sweet. We ate a lot and we caught up with our family members in a leisurely pace unlike previous years where it was always a mad rush from one place to another!paying respect to her paternal great-grandparents.

That’s my grandma, the matriarch of the family. It means a lot to me to spend Chinese New Year with her and also with my parents. They are the reason why I’m willing to spend on the airfare even if it’s double or triple the regular fare!

Also, this is probably the only time of the year where I get to meet my family members, most if not all.

The trip, though short, was nothing short of enjoyable. We really enjoyed ourselves this Chinese New Year!

Til’ the year of the rooster!


and we are five…

Last December, C and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how fast it has gone! We have had our ups and downs and hit a few rough patches over the years.

What I’ve learned from this five years of marriage is that marriage is hard work. You can’t expect everything to fall into place just like that. We have to build it together and keep nurturing it along the way. It’s a lifelong adventure.

Marriage is not all about love. Yes, love is important but so is kindness, patience, sacrifice, trust and knowing when to curb your tongue!

For the bad times that we have gone through, I believe we have came out stronger. We are in a better position now as compared to two/three years back.

I’m not perfect. I’m still learning how to do it better.

IMG_5856May we always be silly together! 

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part.

Happy Anniversary to us!



christmas 2015

Last Christmas was the third consecutive year we had Christmas party at our humble home. It has somehow became a tradition to have Christmas party at The Chongs. This is something which we take pride in doing. I guess what makes us do this year in year out is because we know we will have a good time out of it and also this is our way of saying thank you to our dear friends for being a part of our lives.with g3 preset
and we’ve got a fireplace 😉

Like always, I’ll take care of the menu and C, the rest of the stuff; drinks, music, decors and making the house feel as cosy as possible. After toiling in the kitchen the entire day, I am glad that I got all the food out on the table on time (C is very particular about this), what is supposed to be served warm is warm and what is supposed to be serve cold is cold.

img_3029img_3040img_3033apple pie – which makes its debut only once a year 🙂

Not forgetting the kids, they had a jolly good time. They got to play and they got Christmas presents…loads of them. I’ll be happy if I were a kid!

it’s a riot!


It was a night of eating till we were near bursting and I think we drank a little too much till we were slightly hung over the next day.

It was all in the name of good fun.


We absolutely loved having you all!!

Till the next Christmas, guys!