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continued…ed’s birth story

Called my regular gynae and only to have him replied on WhatsApp…

“Taking off. Reaching at 6pm. Tell them to hold the labor for me”

“I’m already 9cm dilated. Can’t wait for you”

A beeping sound came one and I was told that the epidural has finished. The nurse asked if I would like to have more epidural but it is very likely I won’t be able to finish it (=waste money). So, a more economical choice is make do without epidural.

Dr Tan, the replacement doctor came. He broke my water bag and told me to push. Tried as I might but the push was not sustainable, baby kept sliding backwards. He can’t use suction either, as baby’s head was quite high.

“I’ll leave her alone and hopefully baby’s head will come down. If she still can’t push later, we’ll have to do a c-sect”, I overheard him telling the nurse.

WHAAAAT?? C-sect??? The first thing that came to my mind was money!! $ka-ching, $ka-ching. I’m not going for c-sect! That’s not my plan.

Shortly after Dr Tan left the room, I had the urge to push. I told the nurse and very calmly, she said “okay, let’s try”. And try I did.

Everything that took place next was quite a blur. I was in a lot of pain and had to remind myself to breathe. But that didn’t stop me from comparing how different the situation was on that day and during Elisa’s birth. It was a one man show as compared to Elisa’s-there were 6-7 people in the room; nurses were urging me to push, a lady doctor was pushing my tummy. There was a lot of commotion, it was like a marketplace. I remembered telling C, they were very very noisy. And this time, it was too quiet! Haha!

C was very supportive throughout. He kept urging me on. I don’t remember how many pushes I did and the last time I pushed, the nurse said she could see baby’s head and she asked me to stop pushing!!! She shouted to her colleague “Call the doctor!”

Are you freaking kidding me???? Stop pushing? I’m not taking a dump, you know?

I did try to stop pushing but who are we to go against Mother Nature, in this case a little boy who is so eager to see the world.

“I can’t! I need to push!!!!”

“Okay, push gently. The doctor is coming”

“How to push gently?????”

“I really can’t!!!! I NEED TO PUSH!!!”


C said I screamed so loud that my face turned so red he afraid I will explode. He said he has never seen me in this state before. Childbirth is hard, husband!

I was at the verge of spewing expletives. I can feel baby crowning and the burning sensation was horrific with a capital H. At that very moment, I decided to just push. The nurse manager came in and gave the nurse the green light to deliver the baby (this is according to C. I was in pain to notice anything. All I know was I needed to get baby out pronto!) With just one push, I felt his shoulder glided past (best feeling EVER) and the next thing, his cries filled the room.

Half a minute later, Dr Tan came…”Oh, she has delivered the baby”. Yes, I did! He proceeded to cut baby’s umbilical cord (Until today, I’m not sure why C was not asked to cut the cord. Maybe because I did not inform them earlier? But I thought it’s a normal practice to invite baby’s dad to do it?).

The nurse placed baby on my arms and I burst out in tears. My tears just kept flowing, I was sobbing quite badly. C as well but not as bad as me lah. It was such a heartwarming sight, I wished someone had captured that moment! They then whisked him away for checks and to be cleaned. C went along to take a good look at him and took some photos.

“Baby’s weight is 3.984kg” said the nurse.

I was expecting 3.5kg or thereabout. I actually trusted the doctor! Haha.

I delivered the placenta and Dr Tan stitched me up. After all the checks were done, the nurse carried baby over for some skin-to-skin contact. We took some photos and I tried to let baby latch on. He managed to suckle but it wasn’t a proper latch. The nurse left us alone to enjoy the moment with our newborn.

The nurse brought the baby to the nursery and I was wheeled to the maternity ward. After I settled down, C went back home to rest.

I tried to get some shut eye after lunch. Just when I was about to doze off, I received a call from the nursery. I was told that baby was having irregular breathing and he needed to be sent to special care nursery for monitoring. My heart sank and I couldn’t sleep after that.

The paediatrician came to update me about baby. They ran some test and everything seemed normal but they will still keep him in the special care nursery for monitoring.

C came with my mum and Elisa. She was so happy to see me!
The nurse arranged for an aunty (don’t know what’s her job title) to wheel me to the special care nursery and up to today, I am so angry at myself for not telling her off!

Elisa was walking next to me, holding my hands (she asked to hold my hands) while the aunty pushed me in a wheelchair. I’m not sure where she is rushing to, the aunty was pushing me at full speed!! And poor Elisa was literally running next to me, she had problem catching up!! I felt so sorry for Elisa and I am still very angry at myself for not speaking up!!

Anyway, when we reached the special care nursery, Elisa was asked to leave because children are not allowed. Again, I am pissed at the aunty because I’m sure she knows children are not allowed and yet she did not say anything. She quickly pushed me into the nursery and left!! I had no chance to explain to Elisa. C had to quickly bring her out while me and my mum went to see baby. I remember I was crying very badly in the nursery. The nurse consoled me thinking I was crying because of baby. But actually I was crying because I miss Elisa! And the sight of her squatting outside the glass door waiting for me broke my heart.

Knowing that baby is doing well and he is in good hands, I asked to leave. I knew my first-born needed me more than baby. She stuck to me the whole evening and I couldn’t be happier to be able to hold her properly and smothered her with kisses.

That night, I spent the night alone in the hospital. I barely slept as I had to be up every two hours to pump milk and I was worried about baby. And hungry!

Morning came and we gotten the all clear for baby to be discharged together with me! We went to pick Elisa up from school before heading home. She was thrilled to finally see her baby brother!



So, that’s the birth story of Ed. I certainly did not expect my gynae to be away on holiday and to have a nurse to deliver Ed (although we talked about it with my friends a lot of times). I did not expect Ed to have respiratory distress and had to be monitored in SCN. There were a lot of things that did not go as how I had pictured it to be. But you know what, they don’t matter. At the end of the day, what matters most is baby’s wellbeing. And he is doing great now 🙂




welcome baby Ed

Hi everyone, please meet Edward. You can call him Eddie or Ed for short.

He made his grand entrance at week 39 on a Monday morning, 24th April 2017. Like his sister, he is a big baby, weighing at 3.98kg and measuring 53cm long.

It has been two months since he came into our lives and we are still basking in his baby-ness.

We’re thrilled and in love with this tiny human being already!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The moments are fleeting!

Before we become a family of four, I want to stop and reflect on the past three and a half years when we were just a family of three. It seems like I’ve been a mom forever. I don’t remember what life was before Elisa. She has taught me so much about motherhood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecently, I was doing up Elisa’s photo book and gosh, the pregnant me had a hard time controlling my emotions! We have created so many memories together and I’ve cherished every single one of it even when the moments were hard. From the day she was born, to our first family holiday, to the day she started school and all those wonderful memories are safely tucked away in my heart.


In a short span of three and a half years, we have watched Elisa blossom into the girl she is today. I have so much to say about this girl, she makes us so very proud of her. On the family front, it wasn’t butterflies and roses at first. Parenthood is tough that you think but we’ve learned to swallow our pride and we have grown so much stronger since.


It won’t be long until baby no 2 arrives. I’m going to spend the next few weeks savouring every moment we spend with Elisa and ask for as many cuddles and kisses as possible.

No matter what happened, she will always be our number 1 baby. Soon a new chapter of our lives will begin and I can’t wait to capture the memories we will be sharing as a family of four.



year of the monkey

Every year, we will spend a few days in KL, have reunion dinner with my MIL before going back to Penang. And this year was no different. As our time in KL was really short, we just managed to squeeze in a meet up with a dear couple who are known to spoil Elisa like nobody’s business! 

Our trip to Penang was short but sweet. We ate a lot and we caught up with our family members in a leisurely pace unlike previous years where it was always a mad rush from one place to another!paying respect to her paternal great-grandparents.

That’s my grandma, the matriarch of the family. It means a lot to me to spend Chinese New Year with her and also with my parents. They are the reason why I’m willing to spend on the airfare even if it’s double or triple the regular fare!

Also, this is probably the only time of the year where I get to meet my family members, most if not all.

The trip, though short, was nothing short of enjoyable. We really enjoyed ourselves this Chinese New Year!

Til’ the year of the rooster!


travels: cherry picking at blue hills berries and cherries

Guess what?! I’m still not done writing about our Melbourne trip back in December. Talk about efficiency! Hah.

One of the activity that my brother had planned for us while we were there was cherry picking. After breakfast, we took a drive towards Mount Dandenongs where the fruit farm is located.

It being a weekday, we were surprised to see a snaking queue forming at the entrance but luckily, the queue moved rather quickly. We took a short bus ride to the thick of the action and after being briefed, we were left on our own. We couldn’t contain our excitement when we saw the abundance of cherries hanging on the trees. There were row after row of them, easily hundred over trees. We were like a kid in the candy store – picking cherries from the tree and popping them into our mouths. It went on and on and on. And boy did we eat up! Cherries are expensive, you know? 😛

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe cherries at the local supermarket here in Singapore are really tiny as compared to these. And they cost a bomb for a small punnet!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe gave me a scare when she swallowed the cherry pit. I swear I was running through the choking manoeuvre in my head!! Thank God, it was not needed. Phew!!

Besides cherries, there were raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries and blueberries (which you have to pay extra). Do you know blackberries and boysenberries taste and look almost the same? I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! All I know is, they were sweet and juicy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElisa had the best time chomping on the berries

IMG_9381At the end of the day, we lugged back around 2.5 kilos worth of cherries and berries. If I remember correctly, what we paid over at the farm was slightly more expensive than at the supermarket. It is probably not the most economical way but it sure is the freshest! And this makes a great family activity!


travels: melbourne zoo

We feel like we did a lot of stuff in Melbourne but yet, it’s not a lot. You know what I mean?
Anyhow, as we have Elisa with us, most of our activities were kids related [confession: we brought Elisa on a few shopping trips :P].

On Christmas Eve morning, we brought Elisa to the zoo. We were tossing between Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Open Range Zoo. We chose the zoo in the end as I’ve heard good things about the zoo. It was a perfect day to be at the zoo; the sun was out, the temperature was hovering around low 20s.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe will make a trip to Phillip Island when Elisa is older. For the time being, this will do 😉

I told Elisa what the baby kangaroo was doing, and of course she wanted to join in the party too. There were some shirts tugging involved -_-

My first time seeing a gorilla. This fella got me excited and disappointed at the same time. I was expecting to see a big ass gorilla but turns out, they are the smallest subspecies of gorilla – the western lowland gorilla.

We had an enjoyable day at the zoo, but in my honest opinion, Singapore Zoo is still the best in my books. No offense, Melbourne peeps! We still love Melbourne! xx

adieu 2014

It has been a frenzied first week of 2015. Before I could get over the jet-lagged from our Melbourne trip, I was down with a bout of stomach flu. I was out for three days.

Now, everything is back to normal.

2014 has been a trying year. There were so many, too many unfortunate incidents that happened, from tragic air disasters to relationship matters to health scare.

I spent a good 8.5 years working in the air. All the negative news about the aviation industry made my heart sank. I cried for them. It can happen to anyone of us. No one knows, really! I hope this year will be a better year for air travels. Safe travels to everyone out there!

Earlier this year, while my mum was in Singapore, my dad was admitted to hospital for chest pain. Two (or three?) of his arteries were blocked and he did an angioplasty procedure while he was all alone in Penang! He told us it’s nothing serious, it’s not chest pain, blah blah blah. But all of us knew truly well that he is making light of the whole situation. My dad is a strong man (you should see how he scolded a Chinese man who stole our parking lot in Melbourne, he wanted to punch that bugger in the face! haha) but having to go through all these alone can be quite scary. I am glad that he has recovered and enjoying his wanton mee just like before. I am also very very grateful to all my uncles, aunties and cousins who visited my dad while he was in the hospital. This episode reminded me that I have to spend more time with my family and treasure your loved ones coz you’ll never know.

Last year, a lot of hearts have been broken. It is so heartbreaking to know that for all that you have done, you are not being appreciated. To be honest, 2014 wasn’t a good year for us (I am not going to dwell on it). I am glad that we worked things out and we are looking forward to see what 2015 will bring us. To my dear friends who have their hearts broken, don’t give up even when the road ahead is rough. Keep trying!!

With every bad, there is a good. The best thing that happened in 2014 was Elisa turning one. It was a big milestone for her, for me as a mother and for us as a family. It’s not easy bringing up a baby without any family support in Singapore but we did it! Life has not been the same ever since I became a mother, but I would not have it any other way.

It’s one week into the new year and everything looks very promising. I believe that it will only be upwards and onwards from now on. Bring it on 2015!