letter to ed: you’re five months old

*one month late*

Dear Ed,

It has been five wonderful months! You continue to grow like crazy and I’m totally not okay with it!! Before we could fully enjoy your new developmental milestone, you are off to the next stage. Everything is going at warp speed. Can you please slow down? Take it easy, boy!

You first rolled over from back to front at three and a half months and from then onward, you were like speedy gonzales; you rolled from front to back, going round in circles on your tummy and creeping forward bit by bit.

You started to crawl at four and a half months. You army crawl by pushing yourself forward using your elbow or sometimes you will kick to launch yourself forward and ended up planting your face on the play mat. Haha.

We all thought you will take some time to revel in your new found skill and we all could take a breather (it’s exhausting catching up with you!). But no, you continued to flaunt your ability! The day before you turned five months, you surprised us by sitting up on your own!!! I’m a little heartbroken how quickly the weeks change you and it doesn’t help that I can’t be with you 24/7 to watch you grow!

Taking your photos these days is not easy as it used to and getting you changed is a challenge on its own! You are like a little worm, you just can’t stop wriggling!

We can see you adore your big sister. You look at her dearly when she sings or when she plays with you; she loves playing peek-a-boo and you get so excited every time.  But now that you are more alert and mobile, you start grabbing her toys much to her annoyance! Ahh…the beginning of sibling squabbles!

You love looking out the windows. You are probably attracted to the moving cars (but I don’t think you can see that far) or maybe the light that is coming through the windows. The fastest way to stop your fussing is to carry you to the window. You will be quiet almost instantaneously! I can already imagine you sitting by the window watching the trucks pass by when you are a little older. Boys will forever be boys!

You love car rides. You sit in the car seat quietly, look out the window and just take in the sights. You are most chill whenever you are in the car seat. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again – you are such an easy baby! I hope I don’t jinx it!

Ever since you started teething, your sleeping patterns has gone out of whacks. You’ve stopped sleeping through the night. Most nights, you will wake up twice for feed. But on some nights, I don’t even bother to keep track! Some times you refused to go back to sleep after milk. Okay, okay! It’s not you, it’s me! It’s me who didn’t want you to go back to sleep cause that’s the only time you can have my undivided attention! The exhaustion is real but every second is worth it! With that said, can you go back to sleeping through the night again?

So, one more month to half a year old and it’s already freaking me out. While it’s hard to see you grow so fast, it’s also fun to see you change.


We love you to the moon and back!









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