letter to ed

Dear Ed,

I was over the moon the moment the pregnancy kit showed two lines. You have no idea how much I longed for you. And now that you are here, our little family is complete. Thank you for coming into our lives! And thank you for reminding me of what its like to be a mother to a new born again.


one week old

You gave us a scare after you were born. The nurse noticed that you had irregular breathing and you had to be admitted to special care nursery for monitoring. Our hearts sank when we were told about this although we were told it is nothing serious. At that moment, I knew nothing matters but your health and well-being. They ran some test, did an x-ray and everything seemed okay. Your breathing went back to normal after a while. Thank you God for keeping you safe!


one month old

Three and a half months since you came into our lives and it has been nothing short of amazing. I kept telling everyone what an easy baby you are; I hope I don’t jinx it! All you do is eat and sleep. Wait! Aren’t these what all babies do? Haha. But really, you are such an easy baby.

The most amazing thing about you is, you sleep trained yourself when you were about two months plus. You see, with your sister, I had to carry her or nurse her to sleep. So I was mentally prepared for that. But with you, all I have to do is to leave you in the cot. You will talk, grunt, complain and eventually fall asleep! The first time you did it, I thought it was a fluke. And you did it again, again and again. Keep it up!


two months old

Oh, you chatty little fella! Your goos and gaas are the cutest. You are always babbling away and always try to strike a conversation with us. I can talk to you all day…well, except when you are nursing or in the middle of the night!

You have grown so much since your newborn days. So many people have mistaken you as a six month old. I was looking at your photos the other day and I do miss your lightweight newborn days. Well, not exactly lightweight considering you were almost 4 kilos! Haha. You were able to fit nicely into my arms then but now, it’s a struggle.


three months old

You excel in tummy time! You never complain when we put you on your tummy and at two months old, you were able to lift your head up!! Now at three and a half months, you are rolling from back to front. And you do it so effortlessly!! Do you know most babies only roll over from 5 months onward? Sigh. Go slow, little Ed!

That being said, it is such a blessing to be able to watch you hit all the milestones, albeit a bit too fast for my liking. Now, please slow down. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up! Let us enjoy your babyhood a little bit more!!




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