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we moved to another resort during the second half of our trip just to get a change of environment. The downside of staying in two resorts in one trip is you tend to compare the former and the latter.IMG_3208IMG_3210

At Amatara, it was peaceful and quiet. Remember I said we had the pool to ourselves most of the time? And over here, there’s a crowd everywhere – the pool, at breakfast, at the buggy pick-up point. Well, that’s the difference between a big chain hotel and a boutique hotel.
IMG_3201Naithon beach

But overcrowding and somewhat lack of service aside, this place is actually quite beautiful – well-maintained grounds, gorgeous pool with a breathtaking view of the ocean and a stunning beach.IMG_3207IMG_2976IMG_3024

The kids club is equally good. They have a range of activities to keep the kids occupied. We abandoned Elisa (at her request) at the kids club every afternoon for some couple time (read: happy hour) at the pool nearby. IMG_2903IMG_3049fish feeding
IMG_3058hair braiding, face painting, picture frame making

This resort is really near the airport and if you don’t mind the crowd, this is a perfect place to stay if you are in Phuket for a short getaway and they have stunning sunset to boot 🙂 IMG_3073



travels: amatara phuket

We went to Bali when Elisa was one year old and we didn’t like (i think we need to give it another try!). The next year, we went to Phuket and ever since then, it has became our yearly vacation spot. Short flight, stunning beaches, gorgeous hotels and amazing food. I mean who doesn’t like Thai food?

After being stuck in the peak hour traffic, we were welcomed with this view when we stepped out of the car. Holiday mode on!IMG_2143

And our stay was off to a great start when the hotel generously upgraded us to a pavilion! Look at the silly girl!IMG_2150

Every morning, after Elisa is done with breakfast, we sent her to the kids club – a brilliant idea from the hubs. The minders engaged her with arts and crafts while we enjoyed our breakfast. Win-win!
We spent the next couple of days lazing by the pool and basked in the sun. Most of the time, we had the whole pool to ourselves! That’s the upside of a wellness resort – everyone is at The Retreat doing their thang, you hardly see them around the resort! Speaking of which, my MIL is there doing her thang now 😛IMG_2405IMG_2403IMG_2734

The best gift she received from the hotel was the blue bracelet she’s wearing which entitles her to free ice cream throughout the resort. She will never forget to put it on every morning! IMG_2563Life is good when you can have ice cream wherever and whenever you want.

When it was time to leave, Elisa was all teary eyed. We can totally relate because it was so difficult to leave this gorgeous place! But, papa told her that we will be back someday and I’m sure we will!IMG_2752



travels: phuket 2015

I’m so so late in blogging about our Phuket trip! Here it goes..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe seems to have a pattern here. Beach holiday mid year, and non beach holiday end of the year. I hope this pattern remains! Two holidays in a year is what the doctor prescribed 😉

Last July we went back to Phuket. After our first visit years ago, we fell in love with that place. Moreover, Phuket holds a special place in our heart.


After some research, we settled for Katathani Beach Resort. This hotel ticks all the boxes: kids friendly, nice beach and not in Patong (this is very important!).

IMG_5778We invited my MIL along for this trip. We seldom go back to KL, so this is a good opportunity for her to spend time with C and Elisa. And an extra pair of hands is always a good idea!

We were there for a total of one week. We didn’t do much, we spend most of our time in the resort. We swam, body surf, build sandcastles, massage and ate like a horse. At night, after putting Elisa to bed, the adults had a game or two of rummy before calling it a day. Such a hard life! 😀




We spent one day driving around the island and exploring Phuket town. We drove past the hotel where we stayed on our first visit and we can’t stop recounting to my MIL about the place. The beach, the old shack that sells the best and cheapest Thai food, the $2 noodle stall…ahhh, so much memories!

IMG_5886  It was a good break for C before he dives back into the busyness at work. We totally enjoyed ourselves. We came home spotting a glorious tan and heaps of wonderful memories to cherish.