Labour Day Picnic

Making the most of the public holiday, we set off to Pasir Ris Park and brought with us some food for a picnic in the park.  The weather was ideal, cloudy with occasional sea breeze. It was quite evident that most of us are amateur picnic-goers as we were not well prepared as compared to others who came armed with all the picnic must haves. And when the sky threatened to rain, we got a little bit panicky but the professionals were as cool as cucumbers! Haha


Although we were ill-prepared with all the essentials but we certainly did score when it comes to food. The spread was scrumptious; we had curry chicken with baguette, jiu hu char (fried turnip), mignon chicken pie, chicken wings, kong bak pau (braised pork belly burger), fried wantons and nasi lemak.






We went a little bit overboard, doncha think so? The amount of food that we prepared lasted us through dinner and we were struggling to polish off everything *grin*

We ate, we drank, we Frisbee-ed, we gossiped but all these were cut short by the rumbling thunder and lightning flashes. We decided then to pack up and headed to P’s house before we get caught in the rain.

Despite our virgin picnic being short-lived, all of us had a wonderful time coupled with good food, good company and okay scenery.


Picnics in the outdoor is just awesome, don’t you think so?? I ♥ picnics!!


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