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a party of four

This is kinda old news but for those who doesn’t know, we are expecting baby #2 in April!! That is ONE AND HALF MORE MONTHS!!

C and I couldn’t be more stoked to grow our little family and give Elisa a sibling!

When did I find out? 22.8.2016 – One week before my period is due! I was supposed to go for a job interview and I have a hunch that I might be pregnant. As I did not want to waste my precious annual leave, I decided to check although it was a bit early. Bought the kit, checked and sure enough, it was positive! I teared when I saw the lines slowly appearing. Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?

The first person I told. The husband, of course!! Immediately after I came out from the toilet, I sent him a text message. That’s not how I intended to break the news to him but I couldn’t contain my excitement!!

His reaction. He asked me a slew of questions – What is c? What is t? When to see a dr? When to tell our parents? Why the lines so faint?…From his messages, I think he was pretty excited. But I know he was nervous and scared as well. I don’t blame him because I felt the same way too! We are talking about growing a human here! It’s a big deal!!

How did we break the news to our parents?
MIL – We broke the news to my MIL over FaceTime. We showed her the video of baby which I took on my first visit to the gynae. She cried, we cried! Haha.

My parents – Over brunch. When everyone was finally seated at the table, C told them the story of Elisa’s grey rabbit (more on that later) and half way through, my dad walked away to get food! I was like Arrghh! Can’t you take food later?! At the end of the story, everyone sat there for a second with a blank look (except my bro) before C told them Elisa is going to be a big sister! My mum cried, my aunt cried and I cried. Just as the story ended, my dad came back with a plate of FOOD!! Talk about timing here! Haha. He was puzzled as to why all the ladies were crying and my aunt had to fill him in. He gave out a small smile and continued with his food! He didn’t say anything but I could see the delight in his face.

Then we found out Elisa told my mum much earlier that I have a baby inside my tummy. But my mum didn’t take her seriously! Haha.

FIL – over email. That’s how the father and son roll! 😉
I will try to update as much as I can before I pop in one and half months time. We are truly blessed with this miracle. Thank you so much for all your well wishes!!



and we are five…

Last December, C and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how fast it has gone! We have had our ups and downs and hit a few rough patches over the years.

What I’ve learned from this five years of marriage is that marriage is hard work. You can’t expect everything to fall into place just like that. We have to build it together and keep nurturing it along the way. It’s a lifelong adventure.

Marriage is not all about love. Yes, love is important but so is kindness, patience, sacrifice, trust and knowing when to curb your tongue!

For the bad times that we have gone through, I believe we have came out stronger. We are in a better position now as compared to two/three years back.

I’m not perfect. I’m still learning how to do it better.

IMG_5856May we always be silly together! 

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part.

Happy Anniversary to us!



the script live in singapore

I’m not exactly a fan of The Script but I will not give up the chance to go out and feel young again. On Tuesday night, we went for our first concert in what seems like forever. We are so grateful for friends who helped us babysit Elisa while we have some couple time. Thank you very much, you two!!

2015/04/img_3312.jpgAfter the opening act, we waited for almost an hour before they FINALLY made their appearance. I was a bit pissed that we had to wait for so long but the moment they came into the fully packed stadium, all was forgotten. The crowd got high and the atmosphere was beyond c r a z y!

2015/04/img_3316.jpgAt one point, the lead vocal spoke to a fan’s ex-boyfriend and sang NOTHING into the phone live together with the thousands of fans. He then ended the call with a “Bye A**hole!”. So cheeky that one!

2015/04/img_3333.jpgHalfway through, the lead vocal walked around the lower category sections and stopping for selfies along the way. The crowd went wild; some can be seen jumping out of their seat rushing towards him.


What I liked about their performance besides their songs was their genuine interaction with the audience and their sincere appreciation for every single one who was there that night. Without a doubt, they put up a stellar performance. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for the awesome concert!



a helping hand

After much deliberation, we are finally getting a helper! She will be here tomorrow!!!

When Elisa was a few months old, C and I always fight over this issue-getting a helper. I wasn’t ready then. I was not ready to put her under the care of non-family members and I want to spend as much time as possible with my baby. I want to be there for her when she starts to crawl, when she takes a stumble, when she takes her first step. I want to be there for all her firsts and I did! I couldn’t have possibly witnessed all her firsts if not for C who works tirelessly and supporting me both financially and emotionally. For that, I am very thankful!

So am I ready now?

Actually, not quite. I’m still in two minds about it. With a helper, we get an extra pair of hands and I know she will make our lives much more easier (unless she gives us hell, which I hope not!). But it also comes with a whole lot of issues to deal with especially if I have to leave Elisa with her alone when I eventually go back to work.

We have also gotten some “are you sure?” or “I will not leave my kids with the helper alone” kind of comments from relatives and friends and it makes me wonder if we made the right choice.

I told C my concern and what he said put my mind to rest. He said if this helper does not work out, we can always get another one. And I should only go back to work when I am 100% ready to leave Elisa with the helper. 

It will be  a new ball game altogether having an extra person living with us. I really hope she is trustworthy and not a problem maker, I do not need additional stress in my life! I do not know how things will pan out when the helper is here. But one thing I know for sure, messy house no more! Yay!!




adieu 2014

It has been a frenzied first week of 2015. Before I could get over the jet-lagged from our Melbourne trip, I was down with a bout of stomach flu. I was out for three days.

Now, everything is back to normal.

2014 has been a trying year. There were so many, too many unfortunate incidents that happened, from tragic air disasters to relationship matters to health scare.

I spent a good 8.5 years working in the air. All the negative news about the aviation industry made my heart sank. I cried for them. It can happen to anyone of us. No one knows, really! I hope this year will be a better year for air travels. Safe travels to everyone out there!

Earlier this year, while my mum was in Singapore, my dad was admitted to hospital for chest pain. Two (or three?) of his arteries were blocked and he did an angioplasty procedure while he was all alone in Penang! He told us it’s nothing serious, it’s not chest pain, blah blah blah. But all of us knew truly well that he is making light of the whole situation. My dad is a strong man (you should see how he scolded a Chinese man who stole our parking lot in Melbourne, he wanted to punch that bugger in the face! haha) but having to go through all these alone can be quite scary. I am glad that he has recovered and enjoying his wanton mee just like before. I am also very very grateful to all my uncles, aunties and cousins who visited my dad while he was in the hospital. This episode reminded me that I have to spend more time with my family and treasure your loved ones coz you’ll never know.

Last year, a lot of hearts have been broken. It is so heartbreaking to know that for all that you have done, you are not being appreciated. To be honest, 2014 wasn’t a good year for us (I am not going to dwell on it). I am glad that we worked things out and we are looking forward to see what 2015 will bring us. To my dear friends who have their hearts broken, don’t give up even when the road ahead is rough. Keep trying!!

With every bad, there is a good. The best thing that happened in 2014 was Elisa turning one. It was a big milestone for her, for me as a mother and for us as a family. It’s not easy bringing up a baby without any family support in Singapore but we did it! Life has not been the same ever since I became a mother, but I would not have it any other way.

It’s one week into the new year and everything looks very promising. I believe that it will only be upwards and onwards from now on. Bring it on 2015!






the tree is up

* I just found this post in the draft folder. Christmas already over (lor)! *facepalm*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we wont be celebrating Christmas in Singapore, we were at first hesitant in putting up the tree.  Also, we’ve heard a lot of stories of kids taking the ornaments down or pulling down the entire christmas tree *gasp*…

But this is Elisa’s first proper Christmas! Last year, she was just a little sugar puff that didn’t have a clue on what is happening (and she just learned to sit upright unassisted. how time flies!)

So, we went ahead in putting up the tree, having faith in Elisa that she will not cause any major destruction to the tree.

IMG_8106this will be a tradition

p/s: we are happy to announce that our christmas tree was in one piece from the beginning till the end!