parents teacher meeting

We were recently invited to have a meeting with her teachers. Both C and I were looking forward to that day. We want to find out exactly what she does in school and what she is like when we are not around.

These are what her teachers had to say about her. Some made me LOL 🙂

  1. She is very attentive in class and takes part in all the activities (as opposed to here)
  2. She is learning well. And very well versed with her ABCs.
  3. She loves arts and crafts. Her teachers said she can color well, she doesn’t expect her to color within the lines but at her age, she is doing a good job.
  4. Her teachers commented that she speaks like an adult. Her speech pattern is very mature. For example, her teacher said something and she will answer “’s so funny!”
  5. Very helpful (or in another word, kaypo). She will insist on helping her little friends even if they don’t need help. On one occasion, she was helping her friend, B, to put on his bag and he didn’t want her to help. He was wriggling away and E kept insisting. After a while, he gave up and stood still to allow Elisa to help him with his bag and water bottle 😀
  6. She understands Chinese. She will acknowledge when her teacher calls out her Chinese name and seems to understand what her Chinese teacher is saying. She knows how to address her family member in Chinese.
  7. Eating well. After her meal, she will eat her own snacks.

Before the meeting, C was saying what if we find out that she’s a bossy brat or we get negative feedback from her teachers. Well, his concerns were unneeded! They were all positive!!!

Well done, my baby girl! We are so proud of you!!

C told her she will get to have ice cream if her teachers say she is a good girl. On our way to meet her teachers, she told me “mummy, I’m going to eat ice cream later. I am a good girl”. Full of confidence, this girl!

You know what? You definitely are!

Now bring on to term two!




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