year of the monkey

Every year, we will spend a few days in KL, have reunion dinner with my MIL before going back to Penang. And this year was no different. As our time in KL was really short, we just managed to squeeze in a meet up with a dear couple who are known to spoil Elisa like nobody’s business! 

Our trip to Penang was short but sweet. We ate a lot and we caught up with our family members in a leisurely pace unlike previous years where it was always a mad rush from one place to another!paying respect to her paternal great-grandparents.

That’s my grandma, the matriarch of the family. It means a lot to me to spend Chinese New Year with her and also with my parents. They are the reason why I’m willing to spend on the airfare even if it’s double or triple the regular fare!

Also, this is probably the only time of the year where I get to meet my family members, most if not all.

The trip, though short, was nothing short of enjoyable. We really enjoyed ourselves this Chinese New Year!

Til’ the year of the rooster!



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