first week of school

Early last week, Elisa’s teacher called to update me on her progress in school.

Here’s what her teacher had to say..
1. Very attached to the first person she’s in contact with. It could either be Aunty Linda (the admin staff), Mrs Tan (Vice-principal) or Pastor Julia (Principal). They are the one who carry out the health checks and receive the kids when they arrive in school. So whoever receives Elisa when she arrives, Elisa will cling on to her.
2. Throws tantrum when either one of them leave the classroom. She will scream, jump and throw herself on the floor.
3. Stand aside and observe what other kids are doing before joining in on the activities.
4. Refused to hold other kids’ hands while walking.
5. Eats well in school. No issue when comes to food (I’m not surprise 😀 )

So first week of school, done and dusted.
Now, on to the second and we hope it will get better for her!

P/s: She is very independent when comes to taking the school bus on her own. I accompanied her on the first day and on the second day, she was on her own. She did resist and cry when our helper handed her over to the bus assistant but C (who was waiting for in school) reported that she stopped crying when she arrived in school. On the third day, she resisted but no crying. On the fourth, she showed no signs of resistance at all…”bye kakak! see you later!”. And off she went! 🙂





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