travels: #hash specialty coffee & roasters, melbourne

On New Year’s Day morning, we took a slow walk to Hardware Lane to check if Hardware Societe (another highly recommended cafe in Melbourne) is open. We knew the chances of them opening is extremely low as most shops were closed on New Year’s Day. But we still went ahead as the weather on that day was quite pleasant for a stroll.True enough, it was closed. But C stumbled upon #Hash (a rare cafe that was opened on that day!) which is opposite Hardware Societe. No queue!! And we were promptly offered a table. Within a few seconds, a queue was formed! How lucky! 😉img_3053
Again, I was tossing between a few items on the menu but eventually, I went for my standard breakfast fare which is bacon and eggs because I’m boring like that! I so wanted the maple glazed bacon but I wasn’t clear when I placed my orders. Oh well.img_3064C ordered eggs with chorizo and smashed avocados. His looked and tasted so much nicer than my boring bacon and eggs! Now, we know chorizo and avocado goes well together. Make a guess what I’ll be making for breakfast this weekend? 😉

We are in Melbourne, you can’t find bad coffee in Melbourne!img_3055The little one finished half the portion of my scrambled eggs and bacon. She has a very big appetite!

We thoroughly enjoyed our first meal of the year!

If we do come back again, I would love to try their hot chocolate. Hash-13_740_486_s_c1You pour the hot chocolate over the fairy floss which will sweeten the 85% Cacao Chocolate. So gimmicky but so clever!

{via here}

#Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters
113 Hardware Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 8529 0284


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