christmas 2015

Last Christmas was the third consecutive year we had Christmas party at our humble home. It has somehow became a tradition to have Christmas party at The Chongs. This is something which we take pride in doing. I guess what makes us do this year in year out is because we know we will have a good time out of it and also this is our way of saying thank you to our dear friends for being a part of our lives.with g3 preset
and we’ve got a fireplace 😉

Like always, I’ll take care of the menu and C, the rest of the stuff; drinks, music, decors and making the house feel as cosy as possible. After toiling in the kitchen the entire day, I am glad that I got all the food out on the table on time (C is very particular about this), what is supposed to be served warm is warm and what is supposed to be serve cold is cold.

img_3029img_3040img_3033apple pie – which makes its debut only once a year 🙂

Not forgetting the kids, they had a jolly good time. They got to play and they got Christmas presents…loads of them. I’ll be happy if I were a kid!

it’s a riot!


It was a night of eating till we were near bursting and I think we drank a little too much till we were slightly hung over the next day.

It was all in the name of good fun.


We absolutely loved having you all!!

Till the next Christmas, guys!




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