letter to elisa: your first day of school

Dear Elisa,

This year will be a year of learning for you. You are going to school!!

Yesterday was your first day of school. I was so excited in sending you to school that I might have neglected your needs. Hence, it did not go as well as I hoped.

As we just got back from Melbourne the day before, you were tired from the flight, jet-lagged and a bit under the weather. And yet, I decided to send you to school which comes to think about it, I’m pushing you a bit too far. And mummy is so sorry.

So, let’s talk about school. When it was time to get ready for school, you put up a fuss, you didn’t want to change into your school uniform. You kept saying “I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay at home”. But after some persuasion, you gave in.

And here we are, ready to take on the first day of school.

As the school is a bit out of the way, we opted for a school bus. At 11.05am, the bus pulled up to the porch and we were on our way to school, fetching a few more kids along the way. Mummy tagged along to make sure you were okay in the bus. You were not. You didn’t want to sit next a boy and kept clinging unto me instead.

When we arrived at the school, I can sense your anxiety, after all this is your first time attending school. There were kids and parents everywhere, and we went to join the queue to have your temperature taken. Of course, you had to have me by your side. After your temperature was taken, we proceed to have your hands and mouth checked for ulcers to make sure you are free from HFMD (four letters that put a lot of parents in distress). You didn’t allow the teacher to check, so mummy had to take over from the teacher.

After all the checks were being carried out, you were led to a holding area before proceeding to your class. Again, you just want to cling on to mummy. You wanted to be carried as we walked towards your class.

The first activity of the day was singing and followed by storytelling, which was conducted in Mandarin. You were apprehensive but you sat through both the singing and storytelling. Some of your classmates were walking around the classroom, totally ignoring what was happening.

After the mandarin session, Teacher Liz (which is your class teacher) took over and the subject of the day was “Happy”. There was a bit of singing and clapping of hands. And your uneasiness faded (a bit) when she gave out stickers to all the students.

Besides singing, you did your first craft yesterday. Teacher Liz helped you to make a happy face hand puppet which you proudly showed it to me, papa and kakak. And you insisted on holding on to it.

The last few minutes of class was playtime. This is where things got a bit more interesting for you. NOT! Mummy tried to leave you alone in the class, I told you I needed to go to the toilet and you were okay with it. When you realised I wasn’t there, you started to cry for me. And papa went to your “rescue”.

When school ended, you didn’t want to leave…”I don’t want to go home. I want to stay in school”. I asked if you want to go to school tomorrow and you answered me “YES!”.

For the return journey home, papa suggested you take the bus alone. I am concerned but I knew I had to let go and you have to start taking the bus alone…sooner or later. And so, I left the bus and you started crying…until you reached home.

When we reached home, I had a conversation with you. We talked about going to school, the bus ride and what you did in school. You told me every single thing and you were excited about it. So, I’m going to take it as you enjoyed school.

Here you have it, your first day of school. It wasn’t a smooth first day but nevertheless, we are proud of you. Let’s hope it will be smooth sailing from now onwards.

We believe you will love school, it’s just a matter of time. So, go on and pain the town red or in this context, paint the school red 🙂







2 thoughts on “letter to elisa: your first day of school

  1. Jasline

    Well done Elisa! I think you did so well on your first day at school. Keep it up & mummy don’t stop writing. 🙂


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