elisa’s 2nd birthday party

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAE turned two a few months back and we held a simple celebration for her at home. We are not fans of large, extravagant parties. For the party, we kept is small and intimate.

We had some close friends, those people Elisa is most comfortable with over for a simple lunch. The last thing we want is to overwhelm her with people she is not familiar with. Also, having a small party means less stressful to plan and execute.

I got some decorations from Most Wonderfully Made to dress up the house and for the first time, I did not cook up a storm :pOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…just a simple spread of pulled pork with Asian slaw, corn fritters with guacamole, pizza scroll and some roast meats from the market.

For dessert, we have fruit salad, banana pancakes, chocolate mousse…

…and of course, birthday cake!

Elisa and her little pals.

Just like that, we are done with her second birthday party. Everyone went home well fed (I hope!) and happy. Thank you once again for celebrating Elisa’s birthday!

Til’ her 3rd birthday!!




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