travels: Hong Kong Disneyland

…the reason we went to Hong Kong.

This trip to Disneyland was rather timely because Elisa was very into Mickey Mouse then and so were her little friends. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of her favourite TV program.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur first stop was breakfast at Enchanted Garden located at Disneyland Hotel where we “dined” with the characters. The breakfast spread was huge but sadly, the food was a miss, it was quantity over quality. But like everyone else, we were there to meet the characters. Half way through breakfast, Pluto, Goofy and Minnie Mouse came by to say hi. I expected more characters though. Where is Donald Duck??

IMG_5061Honestly speaking, it is not worth the price tag. Pre-Elisa me will never spend this kind of money. But it’s a different story when you have a kid! They make us do things we thought we will never do. This is a known fact!


After breakfast we hopped onto a bus and headed to the theme park. As the kids were still pretty young, there weren’t many rides available for them and some ride had an hour to two hours waiting time. We took a few kiddy rides and took some photos with the characters before we went searching for food…and air con! *dying*


We caught the “Flights of Fantasy” parade and it was stunning. The kids and adults were mesmerised by the vibrant floats, the colourful costume, the dancing and the catchy soundtrack. It was quite an uplifting performance. As I was watching the parade, I can’t help but to feel for the performers especially those donning the character’s costume. It was mid afternoon and the sun was showing no mercy. Despite all that, the performers still put up a stellar performance. Hats off to them!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m so glad we went for the Lion King show. It was visually exciting and captivating. The floats, the props, the costumes, the singing, the dancing…they were simply spectacular. There were also a fire and acrobatic performance included in a small segment of the show. This show is not to be missed.

IMG_5128IMG_5158 IMG_5150We also managed to watch Mickey’s Philharmagic, a 3D show. The last time I watched this was many years back when I went to HK Disneyland with my parents. I enjoyed watching it and I still enjoy watching it now.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The sun began to set and we were ready to leave this happy place, then something unpleasant happened. When we came out from the theatre, our friend realised that her stroller was missing! We thought someone accidentally took the stroller by mistake but that was until we saw her daughter’s water tumbler by the sidewalk! The person stole her stroller! How could a person do such thing?? We were mad pissed!!  She made a report at the customer service counter but we knew that it was impossible to get the stroller back. We were drained after a long day, more so for our friend. She had to deal with a cranky toddler and the emotional stress of losing a stroller…which belongs to her friend! Gah!! (We brought this issue up with a group of HK friends, they said it happens all the time! Not pointing finger at anyone but we kinda knew who stole it!).

Many people term Disneyland as the happiest place on earth. But you know, there are a few selfish people out there who is on a mission to ruin it.

Even though the day ended on a somewhat sour note, it was still a day to be remembered. Elisa and I really enjoyed ourselves, and I’m sure our friends had as much fun as we did.


Where shall we go next? Tokyo Disneyland perhaps?
she doesn't mindelisa: Yes, please! 😀



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