travels: summer in hong kong

Back in June, me and three other friends did something crazy; we brought our kids to Hong Kong on our own-4 mothers and 4 bubbas!! Initially, I have no plans to join them because firstly, HK is not the most child friendly place and secondly, HK in summer is extremely hot and humid! But I know Elisa will have a lot of fun with her friends (and so will her mum) so I bought last minute tickets to join them which turned out to be the best decision ever!


The three hours odd flight to HK was a pleasant one. We braced ourselves with lots of snacks and downloaded tons of entertainment on the iPad. The kids did really well. I’m so proud of each and everyone of them. Upon arrival in HK, we took the airport express (C and I are strong advocate of the HK express. We can’t recommend it enough. It is so convenient!) to HK island and from there, a short taxi ride to our airbnb apartment in Wanchai.


The apartment is spacious for HK’s standard. What I love about staying in an airbnb is we get to live like a local. This is definitely a different experience from our usual hotel stay whenever we are in HK. I believe the kids loved the idea of staying under one roof; they get to mingle with each other way past their bedtime and they get to see their friends first thing in the morning. Although on most mornings, it’s a bit chaotic getting everyone ready at the same time. But we managed 🙂


We spent the next day doing nothing much. We had lunch at Joy Hing, a hole in the wall restaurant famous for their roast meat. The place is tiny, the floor is oily and no babychairs available. I thought we would not be able to make it out of the restaurant without getting a scolding from the staff. But the kids really surprised us, they sat quietly throughout. The kids did make a small mess and the staff were like “Ahh, it’s ok. Kids are like that. No worries”. The staff in this restaurant were one of the friendliest I’ve ever met in terms of service staff! Not sure if we will get the same treatment in another restaurant. They will probably give us an earful followed by a death stare! We joked that if we survived eating in this tiny joint, we have no problems eating at other restaurant! 😀


We hung out in the mall the remaining of the afternoon as it was raining practically the whole day. The kids got their ice cream fix while the mothers had their coffees and cakes. In the evening, we brought the kids on their first “ting ting” ride. It is an interesting experience for both kids and adults alike. I still enjoy taking the tram despite taking it countless times.


The next day we woke up bright and early for our much anticipated trip to Disneyland (will blog about it). We had breakfast at the hotel with the company of some Disney characters before proceeding to the theme park. We spent the entire day there and by the end of the day we were out on one’s feet.

Soon, it was time to head back to Singapore. We met up with some Hong Konger friends for lunch before making our way to the airport. Though tiring, I’m glad I made this trip with them. While I expected to have fun which we did, one thing really made my heart swell was seeing how the kids bonded with each other in this short span of 4 days. They will have a life of friendship to enjoy.



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