a love letter to elisa: you’re twenty seven months old

Dear Elisa,

So you turned TWO a few months back (yes, mummy is terribly late in writing to you!). You are nothing but a joy at this age and sometimes a bit of pain in the back but there’s nothing we can’t handle 😉

Many many moons ago, you were probably around 18 months old(?), mummy had a conversation with a father at a restaurant and he told me 2 years old is a fun age. I remembered telling him “I am having fun as it is right now”. He said “wait till she turns two when you can have proper conversation with her. It will be even better!”. Boy was the father right!

At age two, your vocabulary is larger than we can keep track of and it keeps expanding everyday. We can have proper conversations these days. And girl, you are like a non stop talking machine! You never cease to amaze us with your vocabulary and there is not a day that goes by without me and papa don’t look at each other and smile over something we hear you say. My favourite time of the day has got to be before bedtime where we would talk and talk and talk until it’s time to sleep. Right now, you are in the “where is” and “what’s that” stage, I guess this is the prelude before you bombard us with all the whys 😀

mummy, what’s that?
where is uncle sim?
where is aunty mi?
where is sim enru?
where is ti kakak?

You have opinions. And girl, you do have opinions! You have no qualms about letting your desires be known. You will tell us when you like something and likewise, if you dislike something, you will tell us NO flat out. At times, you can be very stubborn, like how you refused to keep your toys or not apologising when you are in the wrong. You know you have to keep your toys, you know you are in the wrong but you just won’t do it. You are stubborn like that.

When you were younger, you were super friendly with strangers, often flashing your gummy smile at them. But as you grew older, you are the total opposite, you became very shy. The last trip when we were back in Penang, you were so shy, you refused to talk or look at anyone. I hope that this is just a phase or else, it will be tough when you go to school next year.

Mummy has started working now. I do miss the days when mummy wasn’t working and we will go out for coffee and cakes in the afternoon, or go to the park in the evening. Leaving for work every morning is the toughest part. And the best part is coming home to you every evening. You will run towards the door when you hear the doorbell. I love hearing the pitter-patter of your footsteps. You will never fail to give me a hug when I come home from work 🙂

You are still as loving and affectionate as when you were younger. As much as you love giving us kisses, you absolutely adore it when mummy and papa kiss you on the cheek. You will pull us towards you and make sure we give you a big fat smooch on the cheek and you are not shy to ask for more. Darling, I hope you will still ask for it when you turn 21! 😉

Every time when I look at you, I count my blessings. I seriously believe that mummy and papa must have done something right in the past to deserve you as our daughter. 

You are perfect. We couldn’t ask for a better daughter.

Love you endlessly,


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