turning 34

As I grow older, all the birthday shenanigans do not bode well with my ageing body (I sleep at 10 these days! Some days I am asleep before Elisa!).

This birthday was my first time celebrating with my colleagues (back in my flying days, I always apply for birthday off. Getting scolded by passengers/senior crew on my birthday? Not something I wish for on my birthday! ). They threw me a surprise which got me a little emotional. They got me some jelly hearts cheesecake (have you tried them? If you haven’t, you ought to try it. It was yumz!) and a small token contributed by all the colleagues. I totally appreciate their thoughtfulness!

Later that night, we had a cake to round off my birthday. It was a simple strawberry shortcake bought in favour of Elisa. She loves birthday. Sometimes you will find her pretending to blow out “invisible” candles on her wooden cake and making a wish, so we thought why not get myself or rather her, a real cake so she could blow out real candles and also to mark me getting a year older.

As I was removing the candles from the cake, I was like “how come so many candles???” and it hit me that I am not a spring chicken anymore, I am approaching my mid thirties! I’m not lying, but there was a sense of uneasiness that night. So from next year on, it will only be one candle on the cake!
happy birthday to me! may all my wish come true 🙂


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