bedtime routine

Our bedtime routine normally starts with me reading her a book, sometimes two or three depending on her request. And then, lights out.

Second part of the routine begins. This happens EVERY night….

Elisa: mummy talk!
Me: (we’ll talk about everything under the sun)

*stop talking

Elisa: mummy talk!
Me: (continue talking)

*stop talking

Elisa: mummy TALK!!!
Me: (continue talking). Okay, enough of talking!

Elisa: mummy sing!
Me: *sing*

*stop singing

Elisa: mummy sing!
Me: *sing*. Okay, no more singing. Time for bed.

Elisa: mummy SING!!
Me: okay, one last song and you have to sleep after this!
Elisa: okay
Me: *sing* okay, sleeping time! Good night, Elisa!
Elisa: Good night, mummy!

*good night kiss* END of bedtime routine.


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