homemade bak chang

Bak chang. This is on my to-make list for a long long time. This recipe is in my bookmark for three years! After much procrastinations, I finally made it!


They were not really that difficult to make. Preparation was a breeze, the tough part was wrapping of the dumplings! And tying! I roped in our helper to help me with the wrapping. We watched the step-by-step wrapping process on youtube countless times and the lady in the video made it seems so easy. But it is not as easy as it looks! Not easy at all! If the steps are not done properly, the filling will burst out from the bamboo wrappers while being boiled. Well, we had our fair share of wrapping disaster.


For beginners, I reckoned we did pretty well. There were many dumplings that didn’t make the cut in terms of looks and a few burst out of the wrappers, but taste wise, they were good (that’s according to C and our neighbour).


Will I make them again? Probably not! Since they are easily available in Singapore, all year round. I’ll just buy them from the shop.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbest eaten with sriracha and a cup of chinese tea

I followed this recipe from Bread et Butter to a T. You can find the recipe here if you want to challenge yourself in making bak chang. Good luck!



2 thoughts on “homemade bak chang

  1. imp

    You always make cooking look like such a breeze. Very nice to have tried it at least once. Heh. I’m sure it’s tastier eating your own!

    1. e Post author

      Preparing the bak chang is really a breeze!! But the wrapping is not!
      Ya, i’ve strike something off my (cooking) bucket list!


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