a love letter to elisa: you’re twenty three months old

Dear Elisa,

It has been a while since mummy last wrote you a letter. You are 23 months old now and in a matter of weeks, 3 weeks to be exact, you’ll be turning TWO!! To be honest, I’m not looking forward to it at all!! If possible, I want to bottle you up as you are right now. Or can someone show me where is the pause button?

I didn’t expect this day to come so fast but we can have conversations with you now. You are trying to speak in full sentences and you’re quite good at that. You are always listening when we speak and you will pick up words from there. This set as a reminder to us to mind our language :). Just the other day while having dinner, a lady next to us asked how old are you. To which I replied, one month to two years old. The next day, you went to papa and told him “two months old”. It’s two YEARS old, by the way! We had a good laugh but we were amazed by how quickly you pick things up.

You make us very proud with your manners. We are big on please and thank you at home. After constantly reminding you to mind your p’s and q’s, you have it down pretty well now. Keep it this way, baby!

You have an awesome sense of humour. You are funny. I would like to think that you get it from me but I’ll be lying through my teeth. You are definitely papa’s daughter. You aced it when it comes to making us laugh. The things you say, the things you do and your silly actions crack us up big time.

You are really easy to love. You are always happy and smiling. Like I said, you are 95% pure joy and 5% tantrum. We are so in love with you and I believe you love us as much as we do. You openly show your affection towards us like how you creep up to us, give us a hug or a kiss when we are not expecting it. You turn us into a puddle of goo!

So, a couple of weeks till you turn two. We will kick off your birthday celebrations with a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. I bet you will be thrilled when you get to meet Mouse (Mickey and Minnie). Can’t wait!

unnamed (1)love,
mummy xx


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