imaginarium – a voyage of big ideas

One random Sunday, we decided to bring Elisa to check out Imaginarium at 8Q @ SAM. She would not know the concept of being in a museum but this exhibition is geared towards kids so I figured this will not bore her out.

IMG_2827We Built This Estate by Chiang Yu Xiang. There were a lot of bigger kids there jumping about and building “houses” with the giant blocks. She was observing what the bigger kids were doing and after a while, she joined in and started moving the blocks and crawling under them.


Let’s Make! Studio by Izziyana Suhaimi. We or rather I (Elisa was only interested in playing with the scissors) , tried my hand at making pom poms that day. Now I know how to make pom poms! Yay! Haha. 

IMG_2869Imagin-a-doodle by Band of Doodlers. Band of Doodlers is a group of illustrators with the youngest members  at just 9 years old, created this masterpiece sprawling all across the walls winding up the 4 storey high staircase.

IMG_2835Greenroom II: Interstellar Overdrive by Vincent Twardzik Ching. Lights and sound are generated as you cycle. This room is one of our favourites. A note of caution, this room can get a bit noisy when everyone starts peddling the bicycle. The sound from the stereo + the sound from space machine in a small confined room, not a good idea.

IMG_2864 IMG_2850 IMG_2849Dream House by Lee Jeeyoung. THIS is Elisa’s favourite room. When Elisa saw the garden full of candy blooms, her eyes lit up. She had a fun time running around the room, picking up sweets from the candy room and hanging them on the trees. I was silently hoping those are real candies. How wonderful would that be, huh?

i just had to 😛

IMG_2855Kiko’s Secrets by Kumkum Fernando. I quite like this room. The art works are really pretty. Some parents might feel uncomfortable with the UV lights, but it did not bother us one bit. We love this fish scale display, where you fit plastic shapes onto the fish scales. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. It seems easy but it’s actually quite tough; some of the pieces are almost similar but they are not!

We spent almost 2 hours at the Imaginarium and it was time well spent. I’m planning to go back there another day before the exhibition ends. Anyone wants to join me? 🙂

Do check this exhibition out if you have not already done so. It runs until 19th July 2015. Admission is free for citizens and PRs.



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