activities for toddler :: colour sorting activity

When Elisa was around 1 year old, we started doing some simple colours sorting activities. I’ll collect toys of two different colours, say yellow and blue and ask her to place them accordingly on the A4 colour paper. On good days, she would give me one minute of her time. On bad days, she just couldn’t be bothered, all she wanted was to mess everything up. Well, I can’t blame her, can I? At that age, their attention span is very short.

IMG_3515she often puts the alphabets in the incorrect container first and say “no” with a cheeky smile on her face. And then proceed to put the alphabets in the correct container. When she completes her task, she will clap and say “bravo!”. 


Now that she’s slightly older and has longer attention span, I reintroduced this colour sorting activity to her again, with more colours involved. This time round, she was very cooperative; sat with me throughout and managed to sort them all accordingly.



What you’ll need.

magnetic alphabets in various colours
coloured containers


toys in various colours
coloured A4 papers

Have fun doing this activity with your kid. This is also a great bonding time with your kid 🙂


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