PLAYtime! The Magic Treetop

After watching the first PLAYtime! The Magic Ocean, I knew we would be back for the second performance, The Magic Treetop.


Two Sundays back, we went to catch the 4pm show with a group of friends. The Magic Treetop, invites children on a treetop adventure. Together with Yasmin, an army of ants, a group of squirrels, a swarm of bees and a chameleon, the children were tasked to help Mama Robin to find her missing egg.

IMG_3582the hip hop squirrels

IMG_3584the marching ants

As compared to The Magic Ocean, I enjoyed this performance more and I guess Elisa too. She was very interactive, following what the performers did. She was jumping up and down and marching when the ants marched. There were a few occasion, she was a bit clueless on what was happening and I had to explain to her.

IMG_3587playing hide ‘n’ seek with the blue chameleon

IMG_3594After the play, Elisa couldn’t stop marching. Two weeks on, she is still marching all over the house. This explains how much she enjoyed herself. I’ve already bookmarked the date for the next PLAYtime!. I hope The Magic Jungle will be just as good. See you in September!

IMG_3606 IMG_3610



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