**backlog** it’s PLAYtime! the magic ocean

After seeing some post on IG, I decided it was time to introduce Elisa to the world of theatre. Some time back in February, we went to attend our first PLAYtime!, an interactive theatre series for children aged two to four.

Playtime! The Magic Ocean, featuring sea creatures, invites children on an underwater adventure down below. 


As it was Elisa’s first theatre experience, I didn’t know how she would fare, I actually don’t have high hopes for her. But the moment we stepped inside the recital studio, I have a feeling that the 40 minutes will be an enjoyable one. True enough, it was!


She wasn’t very interactive, most of the time she was just observing what other kids were doing and occasionally, following their actions. At one point she was trying to reach for the jellyfish, I guess this is as interactive as she could get. Hah!


We had a good time interacting with the sea creatures and I’m glad Elisa was not afraid of them. We can’t wait for their next performance, The Magic Treetop. We will be there!



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