the script live in singapore

I’m not exactly a fan of The Script but I will not give up the chance to go out and feel young again. On Tuesday night, we went for our first concert in what seems like forever. We are so grateful for friends who helped us babysit Elisa while we have some couple time. Thank you very much, you two!!

2015/04/img_3312.jpgAfter the opening act, we waited for almost an hour before they FINALLY made their appearance. I was a bit pissed that we had to wait for so long but the moment they came into the fully packed stadium, all was forgotten. The crowd got high and the atmosphere was beyond c r a z y!

2015/04/img_3316.jpgAt one point, the lead vocal spoke to a fan’s ex-boyfriend and sang NOTHING into the phone live together with the thousands of fans. He then ended the call with a “Bye A**hole!”. So cheeky that one!

2015/04/img_3333.jpgHalfway through, the lead vocal walked around the lower category sections and stopping for selfies along the way. The crowd went wild; some can be seen jumping out of their seat rushing towards him.


What I liked about their performance besides their songs was their genuine interaction with the audience and their sincere appreciation for every single one who was there that night. Without a doubt, they put up a stellar performance. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for the awesome concert!




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