elisa’s first cinema experience

Yesterday morning, Em texted me and asked if we want to join her and En Ru for a movie. I gave it some thoughts and decided not to, lest Elisa disturb other people. You see, like every kid her age, she has short attention span; she can’t sit still to watch a 30 minutes Hi-5 tv show, what more a 1.5 hours movie. I would only have myself to blame if I get ugly stares from the cinema-goers.

home-movie“Home”  {source}

But as I was having my breakfast, I managed to convinced myself to just give it a try. It being the first screening of the day, I guess there won’t be a lot of people or if any at all! I told myself, if Elisa  makes a fuss in the cinema, I’ll just bring her out from there. Ugly stares, don’t care! It has been ages since I last stepped into the cinema, you know?!! So, we went.

On our way to the cinema, I told Elisa where we are going, what to expect and what are expected from her i.e. she has to sit still, no running about and can’t make noise. Not sure how much she understands but at least I tried. 

2015/04/img_3068.jpgfirst movie experience for both of them.

Em got them a packet of pop corns to share and I have to say the pop corns made their (and ours) first cinema experience a rather pleasant one. They sat through almost 3/4 of the movie which I think is an achievement and they spent the rest of the movie climbing up and down the stairs and walking around the cinema Q U I E T L Y without disturbing the other 6 people! So proud of these two munchkins!

Elisa’s first cinema experience was a success. There will definitely be more movie dates with this little girl. But it has to be weekday, first screening, where the cinema is empty 🙂



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