elisa and her little pals

I have been using Instagram for a decently long time and through Instagram, I have met some really lovely ladies. I don’t often meet friends that I love but these ladies are special, all of them are amazing mothers in their own right. Over the course of time, we became friends. Occasionally, we hang out, meet for coffees and the kids have playdates. 

{photo credit: mama S}

As a single child (for now), Elisa doesn’t get to interact much with many other little kid. Hence, I always look forward to meeting up with these mummies and their kiddos, never mind that Elisa is one year younger than the rest! She may be the youngest, but do not underestimate her when fighting over the same toys. They fight but the very next minute, they are so sweet to each other again. They are still very much playing on their own but sometimes you’ll catch them giggling at each other or running after each other.I love watching them interact and I hope our newfound friendship is here to stay for many decades to come.






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