my 15 month old

This week, her sunny side are shining through as opposed to the whiny bum she was for the past few weeks. She was oh-so-clingy and oh-so-fussy. But now, she’s as delightful as a popsicle!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe’s slowly picking up word by word. Just this week, she picked up the word “work”. When asked “where did papa go?”, she will say “uuk (=work)” 🙂 

Oh, and she says “mile (=smile)” when she knows I’m taking photo of her!


Her favourite word has got to be “buh bye” and she loves giving out flying kisses. There are a few people she will happily wave to if she sees them; the two aunties staying on the ground floor of our block, the uncle who mops the floor and also Lucky, the dog.

Remember I was saying she went through a mother of all teething? Well, it seems that we are DONE for now. It will be a few more months before her second molars cut through. We can finally take a breather. For now, at least.


Every morning she will wake up at the slightest sound that C makes. The very first word she calls out when she wakes up is PAPA and continue to greet him with a smile. Well, I don’t get this kind of treatment. The most I’ll get is “nen nen, pek (=please)”. Talk about being biased!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe loves it when we kiss or bite her stumpy feet, she will break out into little giggles. She will keep giving us her feet and we have to keep kissing her until she is satisfied, 5 times at least! I do not know where she got this crazy idea from but she amazes us with her humour everyday!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe is everything we dreamed for and more. Love this girl to bit!



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