my 14th month old

At 14th month, she understands so much of what we say to her. I think she understands more than what we think she can apprehend. For example, going to the room and grab her towel when it’s bathing time or ask us to put her shoes on when she knows we are going out or ask me to switch off the light (by pointing) when it’s bedtime – that’s my favourite part of the day.

But it is not always the case, sometimes she also pretends not to understand us! Like when we asked her to pick something up or when we stop her from doing something – the more you stop her from doing it, the more she wants to do it. We have a little monster here!!

IMG_6161.JPGShe has already started to sleep through the night (like finally!!) *throw confetti*. She will wake up at 5 or sometimes 6. I’ll nurse her and she will drift back off to sleep. But the minute she hears C’s voice, she wakes up. Unlike us adults, she has NO problem getting out of bed! 

And she’s back sleeping in her own cot. For a while, I thought it would become a white elephant! Every night after I nurse her, she will point towards her cot telling to put her in the cot. I would kiss her goodnight and that’s it! She will fall asleep on her own. I wish I could say this for afternoon naps though. Morning naps are a breeze but afternoon naps? Ugh! It’s like a battle.

She is going through the mother of all teething now!! Her canines AND molars are sprouting at.the.same.time. This is seriously no joke!! One of her canines has finally erupted. Just one! It will be a long while more before we can take a breather.


On her eating front, she is still a champ especially when it comes to snacking. I’m slowly introducing adult’s food to her. I still control what goes into her mouth but I am easing up a little. As long as, it is not too sweet or salty, by all means. 

Right now, she is the funniest. She loves to make us laugh with her silly antics. When she knows you are angry, she will make funny faces or pretend to laugh out loud. You know, it’s very hard to be angry at her! I wish I could freeze this moment right now, minus the whining and crying!

At the same time, she has been acting out a lot. There were lots of crying, whining and tantrums. Oh, and big fat tears too! It’s rather challenging and difficult. And it takes a whole lot of patience to deal with her. I’m not sure if it’s due to teething or she is approaching the stage of disequilibrium. But like what everybody says, this is just a phase and it will pass.

A person’s a person, no matter how small.

We love you very very muchie, my baby boo!


2 thoughts on “my 14th month old

  1. ciremx

    Try let her snack on food that kids normally hate especially vegetables. Instead of bread, give her baby carrots to chew. It’s good for her and at the same time develop her taste bud and liking for veges. If you leave it too late, it will be hard to get her to like them. Cucumber, carrots or even celery is good.


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