{e eats} pranakorn changi village

One day while having brunch at Changi Village, we came across a banner which says “authentic Thai noodle”. We were pretty stoked (one more dining choice in Changi V, yay!). Since then, I have been stalking them on Facebook and counting down to their opening.


They are having an opening promotion now; a set meal which consist of a main, drink and dessert. They don’t have an extensive menu (makes ordering less challenging!), just a few items in each course which I believe are all carefully curated by the chef. All the food are MSG free, so brownie point to that!


om yum noodle. I was expecting those robust tom yum soup like what is served in most Thai restaurants. But this has a clear soup base which I find it quite similar to ‘mama tom yum noodle’. It comes with two pork patties, a wanton skin and half an egg. Egg in tom yum soup? That’s my first!

Minced pork noodle. I find this is lacking in flavour. Well, It could be because of the overpowering tom yum soup hence, making this a bit bland. But C like this though. You must be wondering how come his noodles was served in a kid’s bowl, right? The only reason I could think of is they must have assumed it is for Elisa. But I think it would be nice for them to clarify rather than just assume. We didn’t bother to inform the staff. It’s a small matter but I just it funny for a man to be using a kid’s bowl. 

While we find that their noodles are just ordinary (sorry guys, we still prefer Golden Mile’s), their side dishes are rather remarkable. We highly recommend them.

Homemade fried pork cake with special dipping sauce. Delicious, flavourful and so juicy. Definitely a star dish.

Spicy and sour fried pork ball. The tangy bed of shallots went very well with the pork balls. The only negative about this dish is that I find the shallots a tad too sour for my liking. Then again, C likes it.

Will we come back again? I don’t see a reason not to! Good food and reasonable prices – these are enough to keep us going back for more.

4, Changi Village Road #01-2086,
Singapore 500004
Mon-Sun: 11am-9pm
6543 0883
* Cash only


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