four magical words: sleeping through the night

…is what all parents want to say about their child. It is also what I’ve been desperately hoping for!

Two weeks ago, I’ve decided that enough is enough! I need to get my uninterrupted sleep back. For me to achieve that, I need Elisa to sleep through the night. One thing that I regretted not doing was sleep training Elisa when she was younger. You know, the Ferber method or whatever method that is in the books.

Actually, I was reluctant more than anything. Hence, I have to deal with her waking every few hours or so. There was one period of time whereby Elisa just wake up once around 4 plus a.m for feed which I thought not too bad and I can handle it. But because of our constant travelling, her routine was interrupted. As you all know, babies go by routine. So, from waking up once, it became twice i.e. around 2 plus and 4 or 5 plus a.m. And the fastest way to for her to go back to sleep is to nurse her. Soon, it became a habit. She would nurse for 1-2 minutes then fall back to sleep. Then, it struck me that she is nursing for comfort.

I knew I had to do something, this cannot go on forever. Some friends told me they will sleep through the night, eventually. But I can’t wait. I want it ASAP! I do recognize that the only way to do this is to stop nursing her in the middle of the night.

In order not to disturb C’s rest, I co-sleep with Elisa and true to my predictions, the first few nights were ROUGH. There were a lot of crying, screaming and shirt pulling. I told myself I cannot give in. I musn’t give in. I talked to her. I explained to her (that everyone is asleep and she has to sleep as well. I will nurse her when mister sun is out). I also promised her that I will bring her to Gardens By The Bay if she sleeps through the night. And you know what? She UNDERSTANDS!!

Slowly, she was sleeping all the way until 6 plus a.m, sometimes 7 (she will wake up when C wakes up. It’s as though there’s a sensor or something). It took me almost one week and a half to get her to sleep through the night and I couldn’t be happier!!

I hope it stays this way. Next up is for her to sleep in her own cot, own room. I want to sleep back in my own bed!!!

photo 1 photo 2claiming her reward



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