celebrating elisa’s birthday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoth C and I had different views on celebrating Elisa’s birthday. C wanted a birthday party for E. I, on the other hand, wanted a small intimate celebration (i.e just us) or go somewhere for a holiday. Reason being, E won’t remember a single thing and it’s mainly for the adults to enjoy. After a few chats with some friends, I kinda changed my mind. It’s true Elisa won’t remember a thing but it serves as a good memories to share with her when she is older. So, we planned a simple party for her.



1409726138.049731.IMG_3709carrot smash cake


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcan’t wait to dig in 😛

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m pretty sure she was on sugar rush that day!


1409726138.593678.IMG_3693Unwrapping her birthday gifts! Thank you all for the gifts! You all definitely made her day 🙂

1409726315.016576.IMG_3859On her actual birthday, I assembled the durian puffs that I made and topped it with a candle. Voila! A birthday “cake”!

1409726315.394430.IMG_3889We sang her a birthday song and she got to eat the unfilled durian puffs 😉

1409726137.684560.IMG_3876Happy Birthday to our silly boo boo! We love you very much!!

*It seems that July is a “sick” month. Most of our friends that did not turn up, were down with a bug!
**If I get to plan it all over again, I’ll have the party at the comfort of our home. Just saying!

Till the next year!


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