Thank You

Not many people are aware of this but I have been supplying cakes to a cafe for a few months. But that collaboration has come to an end. They have since found a professional baker who can supply to them consistently.

When it first started, I was really excited. I mean “hey, I’m doing business!”. But this excitement soon turned into a commitment. I had to churn out cakes every alternate days, sometimes everyday. The record was 8 cakes in one day, if I remember correctly. Having to look after a baby on my own, I try to bake when she naps but sometimes as luck have it, she just refuses to nap. And soon I realised that I am actually biting more than I can chew. But somehow I still pressed on coz baking in my passion and for once in months, I feel good. And also the positive feedbacks from the cafe is what kept me going. They even have customers coming back for more, which is a mark of recognition for me (although no one knows about me! haha).

Now that it has come to an end, I do feel a tinge of sadness but on the other hand, I feel liberated. I don’t have to worry about stocking up on ingredients, getting the cakes out on time, having to stick to a schedule (I get my Saturdays back!) and most importantly I don’t have to worry about neglecting the little one.

I’ve always doubted myself when it comes to my cooking and baking. I always have the thought that it is not good enough despite positive feedbacks from friends. I’ll be like “oh, maybe they are just being nice” or “oh, maybe they just want to please me”. I have friends who tell me that I should start a cake business and I’ll just brush their suggestions aside citing that I am not good enough. But this experience proved otherwise. The one thing that I had gained from this little business of mine is to believe in myself a little bit more!

Thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to believe in myself. You know who you are! xoxo



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