Last Saturday…

Before the kids came along, we would always hang out together; picnic, dinner, potluck or whatever. Just because.

Now everyone is busy with their own lives. And especially with kids now in the picture, we hardly meet up which I think it’s rather sad. The last time we met up as a group was half a year ago! That’s like eons ago!!

Anyhow, last Saturday, we gathered everyone at the park for a picnic. It’s about time we catch up on each other lives and for the kiddos to mingle and run free.


We brought food, drinks (toxic and non-toxic :P), ball, frisbee and a whole lot of humour and conversations. While the adults ate and drank, the young ones roam about.


It was a hot Saturday and balmy evening but we (always) had fun in each other’s company. If you know me well, I love and appreciate hanging out with friends 🙂

When it started to get dark,  just before the crawlies come out to play, we packed up and left for home. We were all sweaty and sticky but oh, so worth it.


Now, can we do this more often? Please don’t let it be another half a year before we gather again.


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