Everyone Needs A Holiday…Baby Included!

Finally, I get some pocket of time to actually turn on the computer to do some writing. The past one month has been nothing short of hectic. Not that I’m doing anything big but with all the travelling, packing and unpacking, planning for Elisa’s birthday, it sure is tough. I do not know what have gotten into me to actually go on such a tight schedule – Penang, Bali, birthday. That’s quite a lot on the plate!

Okay, back to our holiday. To many people, bringing a baby on a holiday is a nightmare. But I guess with a bit of preparations, IT IS doable. I’ve always wanted to bring Elisa for a holiday. I even consider bringing her on my own…just the two of us (I’m still hoping it will come true one day). When C suggested that we go on a holiday and bring Elisa along, I was beyond ecstatic. It meant so much to me to go on a holiday as a family. We may not enjoy much with a baby in tow, but it will be a beautiful memory to share with Elisa when she grows up.


We chose Bali as our destination. Our aim for this trip was to relax as much as we could. Food and shopping were secondary. We had C’s mum joined us in Bali. The extra pair of hands and eyes did make a whole lot of difference!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe were there for 5 days and most of the days were spent lounging in our beautiful villa, playing with Elisa. We did venture out a bit to Seminyak Square and Potato Head but that’s about it. Oh, we managed to sneak out for a drink at Kudeta and W hotel after the little one was asleep and also a massage. It was really free and easy.

I’m not sure about C (he was a bit stressed up with work!) but I had a really good time in Bali. When it was time to leave, I was a bit reluctant. If it’s not because of Elisa’s birthday, I would have extended my stay! Oh well…til next time!









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