10 Things About Elisa

Our little girl just turned one few days ago. She’s no longer a baby but a toddler now! Here are some facts about our little big girl…

One – Elisa shares the same birthday as Prince George. She was born three hours(?) earlier than him. So that makes Elisa the big sister 😉

Two – She is quite a fast developer. She hit her milestones much earlier than most babies her age. She started to walk at 10 months and 9 days. Sometimes she still falls over when walking. But it only happens when she’s extremely tired. So, that’s the cue to put her to bed.

Three – She has 8 tiny teeth. I’m guessing two more are going to pop out soon. She’s been drooling A LOT these days.

Four –  She loves water. She gets very excited when she sees the pool. Hence, we try to bring her for a dip every weekend at the sports club. Few weeks back, after a long hiatus, we were back at the club. You should see her excitement when we were approaching the pool!


Five – She loves food. Give her any food and she’ll happily gnaw at them. We have not transitioned her to adult food yet but sometimes we do give her some of our food. As of now, she eats cereal for breakfast, porridge for lunch and dinner. In between, she’ll get little treats like biscuits and fruits. I’m trying to introduce her to new food, but she seems to be contented with porridge at the moment.


Six – She understands. She understands when we tell her “cannot”, “no” or “no more” and she will do the hand actions. But most of time, she will just try her luck and go against us! She gets it when we ask her where is a particular item. She will point to that item or pick it up and bring it to us. She also understands when we scold for doing something naughty. But she always managed to get away…with a smile!

Seven – She’s really affectionate. When you ask for a kiss, she will come over and give you not one but a few kisses. Or sometimes she will just kiss you out of the blue. Or when I open my arms and ask her to “hug mummy” she will give me a hug 😀


Eight – She is very cheeky. Yesterday, I was packing her clothes. I’ve folded them nicely and she came to mess them up. I stopped her from doing it and she walked away. Just as I resumed packing, she reached for the piles of clothes. This went on for a few times. I finally gave up and stopped packing. Then she gave me a grin! Say whuuuutt?

Nine – She’s very demanding. When she set her eyes on something, she GOT TO have it. If she doesn’t get it, she will break into big fat tears. Drama much! We try not to give in to her so much but sometimes we just have to be bad parents. I’m hoping this is just a phase.

Ten – When she hears her favourite tunes, she claps to the music. Her favourite is “Bingo” and “Happy Birthday”. When we FaceTime with my parents, my dad will play “Bingo” on his phone and she’ll start clapping.

You our pride and our joy. We love you very much, little one!


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