You Are ONE!

Dear Elisa,

What a year it has been! This year seems to zip us by…you know when they say time flies when you are having fun? That’s right! Your arrival has brought us immense happiness and joy. Of course it’s not all rainbow and sunshine. There were dark clouds and thunderstorm too. But I will not dwell on that because you, YOU make everything okay 🙂

Elisa, a lot if things happened the past one year. Regardless, I love you with every heartbeat and I would never want to trade you for anything else in this world. As long as you grow up happily, that’s all that matters. However, mummy is very afraid that I might not be able to provide you with the best or to provide you the best environment to grow up in. Of course I will try my very best. But please, please forgive me if I ever let you down.

So much have changed since we first laid our eyes on you. You were just a wrinkly tiny baby when we brought you home one year ago. And look at you now! Walking all over the place, opening all the drawers and emptying it, demanding for things that you can’t get, giving us wet kisses when we least expected it (you make our hearts flutter when you do that!)

Everyday when I look at you, I will think to myself; what kind of person you will grow up to be, what kind of man you will fall in love with. I do not have any grand plans for you. My only wish is that you will grow up to be respectful, kind and loving. Remember this – be kind, always!

I know there will be a day you will fly the coop. Yes, we will miss you dearly. But do not worry, just pack your bags and chase the sunset. Be adventurous, go forth and explore the world! Just keep in mind that we will always have your back. We will be there to catch you when you fall and help you to be back at your feet again.

Keep growing and keep loving, my little one!






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