{e eats} assembly coffee

One random Sunday while the hubs was at his MBA workshop, the little lady and I went on a coffee date at Assembly Coffee.

photo (1)The shop is rather small maybe with a maximum capacity of 20-25 pax. This is definitely not a stroller friendly place. They did not have any baby chair but they went out of their way to borrow one from Mr Prata, which is very thoughtful of them.

photoTheir coffee is quite pleasant. But their waffles! It is one of the better ones I’ve tried. I ordered the Earl Grey Caramel Waffle upon recommendation from the server. I really loved it; beautifully fluffy, has a light crisp on the outside and it is not cloyingly sweet. However, the earl grey flavor is very mild almost on the verge of non existent. That aside, it is a pretty good waffle.

I’ll definitely come back again for their waffle. Will you join me? šŸ™‚

Assembly Coffee
26 Evans Lodge
Tue to Sun: 8am ā€“ 7pm
Closed on Monday


4 thoughts on “{e eats} assembly coffee

  1. Lady J

    Yeah I will join u! After your post, I think they have baby-seats now. The last time I went, I saw a baby chair tucked at a corner (if memory doesn’t fail me). You are right about the waffle, the earl grey scent is quite subtle but loved the crispiness of it. šŸ™‚

  2. Serene Lim

    During our last trip I asked for one, and they didn’t have it, neither did they they help me borrow šŸ˜„ But service for all other aspects was top-notch! We loved the croissant. Date Constance too, she likes AC as well *heheh*

    1. e Post author

      I want to try the pulled pork sandwich! Yup, will jio Constance along. When shall we meet? I’m free tomorrow! šŸ™‚


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