Off To The Land Of Dim Sum

I’m off to the land of har gao and siew mai, to meet the hubs who will be in Hong Kong to attend a workshop. This will be my first trip after having Elisa. It was exactly one year ago that we were in Hong Kong to attend a friend’s wedding. I was six months pregnant then.


 I had mixed feelings going on this trip. We are not bringing Elisa along. I left her under the good hands of my parents. For 9 months (18 months including in utero), I have never leave Elisa under the care of someone for more than 5 hours except the early days when she had to be admitted for jaundice. Besides that, wherever I go, she goes. We are a unit. I am not worry about Elisa, she was having fun the last couple of days in Penang. She totally ignored my existence. So it will be tough on my side to be away from her for a few days.

As much as I want to be with Elisa, I want to spend some quality time with the hubs and just be us. It has always been about baby, baby and baby ever since the arrival of Elisa, so much so that I have neglected the hubs without me realising it (pray tell that I am not the only one). I had the urge of bringing baby along or even cancel the trip and stay back with Elisa. But I know this trip sans the baby will do us good. I need to learn how to let go.

So letting go I am. Baby is now at home with my parents or maybe already out shopping at Tesco (?) and I am on my way to meet the hubs in Hong Kong. I do not know how I will fare without Elisa by my side. Hopefully I will not turn into a complete wuss!

I miss my baby already! 😦







2 thoughts on “Off To The Land Of Dim Sum

    1. e Post author

      She was in good hands so much so that she didn’t want me when I came back from HK! We had a good time in HK. It was just us for a change 😉


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