{e eats} sunday brunch at brussels sprout

Last Sunday morning we left house didn’t know where to go. While driving along ECP, the hubs suggested Brussels Sprout at Big Splash. I am not a big fan of Brussels Sprout. The last time we had dinner at BS over at Quayside Isle, it did not impress us much. I was not very keen with his choice but I was hungry. So I agreed.

Their breakfast menu is quite limited, with the usual suspect. I ordered the BS breakfast and the hubs had the sausage platter. Their breakfast is really valued for money. Look at the portion!



While waiting for our food, the hubs brought Elisa to the playground. Not very well equipped but it’s good enough for the little people. Elisa had fun, so that’s what matters.



1396920111.565874.IMG_3745Mini slide for mini people. 

Looks like we have found a new place to bring Elisa on weekends. When we left, the place was at full capacity and there were people waiting outside. We both agreed that on our next visit, we have to either make a reservations or be there early to beat the crowd.

1396920112.085300.IMG_3747GIMME FOOD NAO!


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