A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re Eight Months Old

Dear Elisa,

How time flies. You are eight months already and soon, we will be celebrating your one year old birthday!

You are getting more mobile now. You just can’t stay still. You’ve got a few knocks here and there, a few balukus (bruise) on your forehead, scratches on your arms and legs. All these are no biggy, it’s part of a growing up process. Papa and I agreed that you are one fearless girl. There were a few times your tried to throw yourself down from the bed even under our watchful eyes. We managed to ‘save’ you but after a while, you are back at it again. I wonder if you are having fun scaring us. From that moment, we knew we have to watch you like a hawk!

You simply love food. Any food. Your food. Our food! You are not a fussy eater, which is a good thing. This means I do not have to crack my brain on what to feed you. I have started you on self feeding. We started off with plums and it was MESSY! Even your papa can’t stand it. Yes, it was messy but it was good fun, so I don’t mind a bit 🙂

Putting on clothes for you is a challenge these days. It’s like a wrestling match. You will keep wanting to roll over and I have to pull you back. So I give up. I let you go topless. It is so much easier! But papa doesn’t like the idea. He says you as a girl, must wear clothes. Okay, whatever papa says! 😛

This month you went through separation anxiety. I can’t leave you alone for even one minute. You want me to be next to you all.the.time. I tried to sneak away when you are not noticing. However, the moment you realised that I am not there, you will cry for me, you will only stop when you see me. I know I shouldn’t complain about this coz one day, one day when you are older, you will not want me to be always by your side anymore.

Although you still wake up twice or sometimes thrice a night, you are a late riser. You will wake up between 930 am to 10 am. Sometimes if I’m lucky, you’ll wake up around 10ish 11. This means I get to sleep in too. So no complains. Of course, it will be wonderful if you sleep through the night! Well, I know this day will come eventually. Slowly but surely!

Lately, you start to enjoy sitting in the stroller (yay!). We’ve been taking walks almost every evening, we walked to the petrol kiosk to get some stuff or just around the neighbourhood. Sometimes, if mummy do get the car, we will go to Changi Beach for our evening walk while we wait for papa to finish work.You will sit in the stroller quietly and people watch, take in all the sights as we go.

We’ve also added a new activity to our weekend routine. Every Sunday, we will bring you to the club. Papa will go to the gym, we will hit the pool. We always have a good time in the water, just the two of us. This is the one thing I look forward to every weekend!

It’s such a blessing to watch you grow. I’m looking forward to see what the subsequent months will bring. What you’ll be like. How you’ll grow up to be.






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