A Love Lette To Elisa: You’re Seven Months Old

Dear Elisa,

You turned 7 months three weeks back. This month is the most amazing one thus far. I got to say time really flies when you are having fun. You hit two major milestones this month, and I am one proud mamma. But baby, no need to grow up so fast!

First milestone, you are able to sit up on your own from lying down position. You gave me a scare when I found you sitting up after I came back from the kitchen. I was wondering to myself, if I left you sitting up or lying down before I walked away. You made me doubt myself! To make sure it wasn’t a one off and I was not dreaming, I put you lying on the ground (many many times) just to see you do it. Haha.

Three days later, you hit another milestone. I went to the kitchen and when I came back, you were standing up holding on to the couch. You pulled yourself up! The same thing happened, I put you down and watched you pull yourself up…over and over again. From that moment on, I knew I can’t leave you unattended anymore, I have to watch you like a hawk and it’s about time to invest in a playpen.

We’ve done a lot of travelling together and it gets tougher as you get older. Nowadays, you are like a little worm who can’t sit. The only way to keep you still is to carry you upright. You will scan the cabin and look for your “target”. Once the passenger responds to you, you will keep playing with them. You laugh easily when you are play with. Of course they can’t resist your deadly smile.

You are very swift in your actions. We really have to be very careful when we are dining with you. You grab everything within reach. There were once whereby you dipped your little fingers in papa’s hot drink. We thought you would cry or wail but you looked at us as though nothing had happened and gave us a smile. You must be thinking “Why are they so kan cheong? It’s just a small matter”.

This month we celebrated Chinese New Year with the family and you did so great. Everyone from the family were so eager to meet you and for most of them, it was their first time meeting you. You stole their hearts and they just can’t keep their hands off you. There are so much love for you little girl!

You will turn 8 months soon. I know it will get even more exciting (and tiring) from now on. Please continue to be the happy baby that you are!




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